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Edit Feature Company

What is a Feature Company Article?

CareerCross will create your "Feature Company" article. Each article is made up of several sections. You can edit the text, layout, images, and the order of sections using the "Edit Feature Company" page. Any changes will be immediately updated online.

Header & Footer:

Edit Hot Company
The header, footer, and color styles will be designed by CareerCross in accordance with your corporate brand. They are not editable in the Control Panel. The header and color styles will also be applied to your company details and job postings to strengthen your corporate branding on CareerCross.

Section Editing Tools

Each feature company article is made up of several sections. Each section has tools that allow you to edit your article. 

Editing Text, Layout, and Images:

Click "Edit" on the section you would like to edit. You will be taken to a new page where you can edit text directly in the text field and apply different heading sizes and styles.

Pasting Text:

Edit Hot Company
You can input text by either typing directly into the text field or by using one of the "Paste" or "Paste from Word" buttons. When this button is pushed, a pop-up window will appear. Please paste text into this field to remove any hidden characters that might be generated by programs such as Microsoft Word.
Note: Your browser may be set to block Popup Windows. Please follow your browser’s instructions on how to enable popup windows for CareerCross.

Formatting Text:

Edit Feature Company
Text can be formatted by highlighting the text you would like to format and choosing the format from the dropdown menu.
For main headings, please choose "Heading 1", and for sub-headings, please choose "Heading 2". Once the editing is complete you can click the "Preview" button to view how it’s actually going to be displayed


Edit Hot Company
You can change the layout of each section by selecting one of the following layouts:
  1. Text only (images will be ignored for this section).
  2. Left-aligned image (text will appear on the right).
  3. Right-aligned image (text will appear on the left).
  4. Center-aligned image

Uploading Pictures and Adding Captions:

Edit Hot Company
  1. Click "Choose File" under the "Image" section. 
  2. Browse and select the filename of the image you wish to upload.
  3. Input any Alt Text (a very short description of the image, which is only displayed if image does not display).
  4. Input an optional Image Caption (text will be displayed under the image).
Note: The image format has to be either jpg, gif, or png and its size needs to be under 700 pixels (width). If it’s over 700 pixels it is automatically resized.

Changing/Deleting Pictures:

If you wish to replace an image, first click “Edit” on the section with the image you would like to replace, and then upload the new image. The old image will be replaced.
To delete a picture, click "Edit" on the section, select the text only layout, and click "Save".