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Control Panel

Employer Control Panel

The Control Panel is where you can manage everything regarding your company’s presence on CareerCross. You will be able to manage your job postings, search for and contact appropriate candidates in our resume bank, manage your applications, edit your company profile, and keep track of your exposure and overall traffic on CareerCross.

Control Panel

1.Quick Links

All pages the in your control panel are quickly accessible in one central location. You can go directly to any page from here or, alternatively, navigate using the top menu.
Control Panel


A statistics summary for your contract is available in this section. You can check the number of applications, recruitment information, the number of Scout Emails sent, and the number of responses received. 
Control Panel

3. Contract Usage / Exposure

This section helps you maximize your contract usage and increase your exposure on CareerCross. Useful tips on utilizing your available products are displayed underneath.
Control Panel

4.Current Contract

This section includes a summary of all your current contract details, including the start and end date and your current product limits.