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CareerCross: Number one for bilingual professionals.


C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd. and its flagship website ‘CareerCross’ were founded in 2000 and are now firmly established as leaders in online recruitment for bilingual professionals in Japan. C.C Consulting continues to expand and has launched its latest website called “CareerCross Asia,”released in 2012, which targets multilingual professionals in Asia.

This dynamic international company enjoys an open, results-oriented corporate culture that invites all staff to openly discuss issues at hand while working together to improve services and contribute to realizing the company’s goals.

As the operators of the Japan’s Top Recruitment Site ‘CareerCross’, C.C. Consulting has firmly established itself as a leader in bilingual websites.

The Japan’s Top Recruitment Site ‘CareerCross’

C.C. Consulting’s flagship website ‘CareerCross’ helps companies achieve their bilingual recruiting needs. CareerCross’s greatest strength lies in its focus on foreign-capitalized companies. This focus attracts motivated bilingual professionals, and companies seeking such highly qualified people, resulting in an exceptional match of the employer and the job seekers needs. CareerCross enjoys high levels of satisfaction from both sides.
In addition, HRN (Human Resource News) carried out a questionnaire focusing on the quality of online recruitment databases in 2012. The survey measured the satisfaction level from the clients perspective of these services. Three main features were highlighted in the research; 'Job seeker response', 'Ease of use' and the 'Quality of Job seekers'. CareerCross ranked #1 overall!

CareerCross Asia: Multilingual Careers in Asia.

CareerCross Asia targets those hard-to-find bilingual and multi-lingual professionals across Asia. By capitalising on CareerCross's deep knowledge and understanding of the bilingual job market in Japan, we know how to help your organisation attract the best bilingual professionals.

Message from the editor

C.C. Consultings’ greatest strength comes from its wide penetration of the ‘bilingual market’, and its internal company culture. The bilingual recruitment site ‘CareerCross’ more than doubles in size every year, and will continue to grow as the Japanese economy and employment situation steadily improves. What attracts the best people to this company is the company culture. People are free to push the boundaries of their own work, the market, and the company. The atmosphere is international, homey and professional. At C.C. Consulting, character is as important as skill and they look for employees with great personalities that shine in multicultural environments.