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Keyword Search Help

Using keywords to narrow down your search results will help you find the right resume the first time. Keywords are particularly useful if you are searching for a specific type of role, skill, or location.

Follow the examples below to get the most relevant results from your keyword searches.

Single Word Search

When using either Standard or Intelligent Search, depending on the word, the results will show you resumes that have that word in the ad description, or if the word is the same as one of CareerCross' resume categories, the results will list resumes classified in that category.

Furthermore, when using Intelligent Search, words that relate to the word you searched for will also be returned. For example, if you searched for Developer, resumes with the word Developer, Development, and Develop may also be returned.

Multiple Word Search

If you search for two words, for example, sales management, your results will list all the positions that include the words sales AND management and then resumes that contain sales OR management next. These words would not necessarily appear together. You can use "or" to search resumes including either word.

If using Intelligent Search, your results may also contain words that relate to the word you searched for. For example, Sales Manager.

Phrase Searches

For Standard Search only, quotes can be used to match an exact phrase like "web developer". Intelligent Search, however, will, as stated above, return matches that are very similar to the given quoted phrase, for example, "web application developer" or "web development".

Excluded Word Search

Use "not" to exclude keywords. A search of management NOT sales would list positions that include the word 'management', but not those that include the word 'sales'.

Nested Search

CareerCross also supports nested searches using brackets, for example, management NOT (sales OR accounts). In this case, the search results will list resumes that include the word 'management' but none that also include the words 'sales' or 'accounts'.

Wildcard Search

CareerCross also supports wildcard searches using asterisks at the start or end of a keyword. For example, when searching for java*, the search results will list resumes that include the words that start with the letters java like 'JavaScript' and 'java'.


CareerCross searches are not case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as the same. For example, searches for Web Developer, web developer or wEb DEVeloPER will all return the same results.

Sort Order

By default, Intelligent Search sorts your search results by keyword relevance. In many cases, this is the best option, because it will prioritize results based on the keyword matches from your search. However, for times when you need it, Standard Search will sort results by the user's last active date.