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All of our divisions are hiring. Can we all share the same account? (Sub-Accounts)

Anyone can use the same account within your organization by sharing the main username and password. This is the easiest way to share your account, but it is impossible to track or restrict usage amounts and managing applications can be difficult; especially for large corporations handling hundreds of jobs, resume searches, and applications across multiple divisions.

A Sub-Account is the solution to this problem. You can purchase a Sub-Account for each division or subsidiary of your company and allocate the number of jobs, resume contacts, text ads, and resume agents available for each Sub-Account. A Sub-Account has its own login and control panel, so managing jobs, resume contacts, and applications across multiple divisions becomes a lot simpler.

A Sub-Account works like a normal CareerCross account. Each Sub-Account logs onto CareerCross with its own username and password, and has access to the same services as the Master Account. After a Sub-Account has been created by the Master Account, it can login, post jobs, contact candidates, manage applications, and use all other functions on CareerCross.

The Master Account acts as the administrator of the Sub-Accounts and can allocate the allowed number of jobs, resume contacts, text-ads, and resume agents for each Sub-Account. Any remaining (unassigned) services will automatically be allocated to the Master Account. The Master Account has full control over all Sub-Accounts and can view all applications, jobs, resume contacts, text ads, and resume agents.

A Sub-Account can be created as either a “Division or Department” or a “Subsidiary”. A “Subsidiary” is listed in the “Company List” on CareerCross and has its own “Company Profile”, while a “Division” is hidden and jobs will appear as if they were posted by the Master Account.

For example, Company A has a contract with 100 jobs, 100 Resume Contacts, 5 text ads, and 5 resume agents. The Master Account sets up the following accounts:
Sub-Account A: 10 jobs, 20 resume contacts, 0 text ads, 1 resume agent.
Sub-Account B: 50 jobs, 60 resume contacts, 3 text ads, 2 resume agents.
Master Account: 40 jobs (100 jobs – 60 allocated to Sub-Accounts), 20 resume contacts (100 contacts – 80 allocated), 2 text ads (5 text ads – 3 allocated), and 2 resume agents (5 agents – 3 allocated).

Can we restrict the usage amounts for staff within our company? (Unique-Users)

Yes. You can now set up a Unique User for free for each person in your company that would like to use CareerCross. A Unique User has their own username and password with access to jobs, applications, and resume contacts. The number of jobs and contacts is restricted by the Master Account or Sub-Account administrator.

What are Blocked Candidates?

Receiving numerous applications from an unqualified candidate can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. With our "Block Candidates" function, you can block applicants who do not match your requirements from applying for your jobs. In the future, if a blocked candidate applies for your jobs, their application will appear to go through normally, but it will not be displayed in your applications list and you won’t receive an email.

Please note that you can only block an applicant who has applied for a position at your company at least once.

How to Block a Candidate

  1. Click on the "Applications" tab and go to "Applications" in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the name of a candidate to view their resume.
  3. Click "Block Candidate" button on the right side of the page.
  4. Type in your name and reason to block the candidate, then click “Block”.

After posting a job, can I still edit the job post?

Yes, You may add, edit, hide, delete, or repost a job as many times as you wish during the contract period completely free of charge. 

Can I direct applications to different email addresses?

Yes, each job posting is flexible and you may put a different contact name and email for every position posted.

How do job seekers apply?

Job seekers search the positions on our database by choosing criteria such as experience level, language ability, education, and job category. Once a suitable position is found, they can apply with their completed resume. This will save the application in the database and send a copy directly to your company.

At no time is your email address or other contact details visible, other than the contact name you put in the job description form.