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What is a “Job Agent”?

A Job Agent takes the hard work out of finding a job. By setting up a Job Agent email subscription, you can have relevant jobs emailed to you weekly or daily. All you have to do is tell us what kind of job you’re looking for and when you’d like to receive your email. We then match the latest jobs with your criteria and deliver them directly to your inbox. The Job Agent subscription is available for members only. When you register as a CareerCross member you can take advantage of Job Agent service and many more exclusive services.

When will I receive my “Job Agent”?

Please visit “Subscriptions” under the “My Page” tab. Click the “Create job agent” button under “Job Agents”. You can choose either 9am or 6pm, every day or every Friday. Any jobs that match your criteria and were posted or refreshed during that daily or weekly period will be sent to you at the time you choose. 

I stopped receiving my “Job Agent” emails. What happened?

The jobs that get sent to you are based on the criteria you select when you create your “Job Agent” subscription. If you seem to be receiving fewer emails than expected, it could be that your selection criteria is too narrow. Please widen your selection criteria to incorporate a broader range of results.

Why do I find jobs on the CareerCross website but not in my “Job Agent”?

Any matching jobs that are posted or refreshed after the last Job Agent email will be included in the next email. You will find the very latest jobs on the CareerCross website first, but they will be sent to you in your next Job Agent email. You will also find older jobs on the website.

What is the difference between a "Job Agent" and a "Mail Magazine”?

A "Job Agent" is a daily or weekly list of the latest jobs that match your criteria, whereas a Mail Magazine contains jobs picked by CareerCross for you.

To subscribe to a Mail Magazine, please click the “Subscriptions” button under the “My Page” tab. Go to "Manage Mail Magazine" and click "Active".

How can I cancel my “Job Agent” and / or “Mail Magazine” subscription?

Please click the “Subscriptions” tab found under “My Page”. To cancel your “Job Agent” or “Mail Magazine” subscription, please select “No” for the subscriptions you want to unsubscribe from.

I received a suspicious email addressed from “CareerCross”. What should I do?

CareerCross is dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for you to manage your career. However we ask you to be wary of practices such as email spoofs or “phishing”; where a third party manipulates the “From” address of an email to appear as if it is coming from a legitimate source, such as CareerCross. These emails are usually sent to a general spam list and NOT the CareerCross database. Such email-based scams often ask for personal details such as bank account details to serve as a go-between for money transfers. These sorts of emails DO NOT come from OR through CareerCross. We will NEVER ask for such details, so please disregard the email. DO NOT follow up with any offer being made as the respondent may attempt to engage you in illegal activity.

The text in my CareerCross email is garbled. What’s the problem?

All Japanese emails sent from CareerCross are encoded in “ISO-2022-JP”. If your text appears garbled, please check the character encoding of your email application. Try setting the encoding to "UTF-8" or “Shift-JIS” and try again. If you continue experiencing problems, please refer to your system administrator or email application help documentation.