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How can I apply for jobs?

Applying is easy. First, search for jobs by entering your requirements, and then visit the “Job Details” page of a job that interests you. You can then apply using the “Apply Now” form at the bottom of the “Job Details” page, or by clicking on “Apply Now” at the top of the page. Make sure the form is filled in correctly and click “Apply Now” to send your application. Please note that while the cover letter field is optional, we recommend taking the time to outline your reasons for applying and why you’d be suited for the job.

How can I make sure my application has been sent successfully?

Sometimes, a job will have special requirements, such as a minimum language level, that must be met. If your profile does not meet this special requirement, you will receive an error message and your application will not be sent. If your profile does meet the requirements, you will see a message saying “Your Application was Sent” and an automated email will be sent to you. A record of all successfully completed applications can be found in the “Applications” section of the “My Page” tab. Please note that in some cases, employers may request that you apply for their positions on their homepage. When you click the “Apply Now” link it will to take you to their company website to complete the application process. The “Applications” page does not list jobs applied to via external websites, email, mail, or fax.

Why isn’t my application saved in the “Applications” section of “My Page”?

Some companies set application restrictions for some or all of their jobs. If your profile fails to meet the minimum requirements, you will receive an error message stating that your profile does not meet the minimum requirements. Your application will not be sent to the company. Any application that fails to meet the minimum requirements will not be recorded in your “Applications” history.

What happens when I apply for a job online?

When you apply online, employers receive your profile and cover letter (if you chose to include one) via email. Employers can also access this information at any time within their Employer Control Panel. When you apply online, the job posting and your profile is then listed and can be tracked on your “Applications” page. Please note that some employers receive hundreds of applications and sometimes only successful applicants will receive a response. Please be patient during the application process and don’t restrict your job hunt to just one job.

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email after applying on CareerCross?

An automated email is sent by CareerCross when you apply for a job. If you applied for a position but haven’t received one, it might be because of your email security settings. Try checking your Junk Mail folder to see if it’s there.

If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that the company or recruiter did not receive your application. It just means your settings may be causing unfamiliar emails to be automatically diverted from your inbox.

To stop this from happening in the future, simply add ‘careercross.com’ to your ‘Safe List’. This will ensure that all CareerCross mails will be delivered to your Inbox.

Please refer to the links below:



Yahoo! Mail


Is it possible to cancel my application?

Your application record is stored so it can be accessed by both you and the company you applied to. It is not possible to cancel your application once you have applied so please apply after careful deliberation. If you receive a reply from a company you do not wish to work for, please respectfully decline.

Can I apply for multiple jobs offered by one company?

Yes, it is possible. However, in some cases it can be an indicator of indecisiveness and give an employer a negative image of your application. This is especially true if you apply for many jobs that do not relate to your experience. When applying, it is important to clearly and concisely summarize your career direction and therefore it is often better to focus on one job per company. If you want to apply for multiple jobs from a company, it is best that all the jobs closely match your experience. If your original application was unsuccessful, you can try applying to that company again at a later date.