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Contact From Companies

I received a scout email from a company. How do I reply?

You will receive a contact notification email from CareerCross whenever a company contacts you. You can read your message in the “Scout Mails” section of “My Page” by clicking on the name in the “Contact Email From” column. You will be asked to either "Accept" or "Decline" the scout mail. If you like the offer, please click "Accept" and type a positive response in the corresponding form.

How should I decline a job offer from a company?

If you are not interested in a company and would like to decline their offer, please click "Decline". This will send a short automated message to the company letting them know you are not interested.

Why don’t I receive any scout emails?

If your profile is set to “Hidden”, it will not be displayed in profile search results and companies will not be able to contact you. If your profile is set to “Visible” but you are still not receiving any scout emails, please double check your profile. Make sure your profile title is concise and eye-catching, and that the rest of your profile is filled out correctly. 

How will I receive responses to my applications?

A company may respond to your application by replying via CareerCross or by contacting you directly by email or telephone. Each method is slightly different. For more information, please see "Applications".