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Cover Letters

How do I attach a cover letter when I apply for a job?

You can attach a cover letter to your application by selecting the title of the cover letter you’d like to use. If you haven’t saved any cover letters, you can type your cover letter directly into the cover letter field on the application form.

How many cover letters can I save?

It is possible to save up to 5 cover letters on your profile. They can be edited and deleted at anytime.


I would like to save my profile, but cannot go to the next step.

If you cannot continue to the next step, the most likely problem is that some compulsory fields have not been filled in or a word limit has been exceeded. Compulsory fields are marked with a red asterisk, so please check to make sure they are filled in correctly.

I would like to apply with a resume I made in Word. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. When applying for jobs, you must complete a CareerCross profile. Resumes created in Word or other proprietary software can be imported when you initially login after registration. If you opt to manually input information into your profile, you will not be able to upload a resume file at a later date.

Can I create several profiles to match different kinds of companies and jobs?

No, it is not possible have more than one profile. You can edit your profile at any time to meet your needs. You can also set your profile to “Visible” or “Hidden”.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by clicking the “Edit” button next to each section on your "Profile" page.

Is it possible to see how many times my profile has been looked at by employers?

Yes. You can find the number on the “Profile” page. The “Views” column indicates how many times your profile has been viewed by an employer. If you are getting a low number of views, try editing your profile title, make sure it is not hidden, and update it regularly.

Job Search

The keyword search looks for matches within a job’s content. It is not suited for a company name search. If you would like to search by company name, please go to the “Company List” tab.

A job in my “Job Bookmarks” has disappeared. What happened?

Jobs are automatically deleted from the Job Bookmarks after 2 months. Also, whenever a job is hidden it will not be viewable on the site. Therefore it will be removed from your Job Bookmarks. It is important to have your profile and cover letter ready so that you can quickly apply for jobs on the website to avoid disappointment.

Profile Privacy Settings

What are the differences between “Hidden” and “Visible” in the profile settings?

When creating your profile you can choose to have your profile set to "Hidden" or "Visible". If you select "Hidden", your profile will not be viewable by employers conducting profile searches; however you can still use your “Hidden” profile to apply online to jobs. Please note that if you apply, your profile will become visible to that employer. If you select "Visible", your profile will be viewable by employers conducting profile searches, but your name and present company will be marked as "Withheld". You can update your profile status at any time.

Block an Employer

I would like to have my profile visible, but can I block certain companies from viewing my profile?

You can block a company provided that they are using CareerCross at the time you try to block them. Please see the Company List for a full list of companies using CareerCross. To block a company, please go to your “My Page", and go to “Block List” tab. In the “Company Name” section, enter the name of the company that you would like to block and click “Search Companies”. Then click the company you would like to block and click “Block”. This company can no longer view your profile.

* Note: You can only block a company that is currently posting jobs on CareerCross. Please regularly check the “Company List” for a list of these companies.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can set your profile to “Hidden”, but we recommend you set your Profile as “Visible”, for even though it is visible, your name and current employer will appear as “Name Withheld”.