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JobImpulse - Company Details


Company Description

Job Impulse
your qualified provider of personnel service

JobImpulse is a global employment services company. We are, with heart and soul, committed to bring people and their chosen professions together. We have been and we still are a successful gateway within the job market linking supply and demand. We are fully aware of the needs and demands of our customers and employees and can therefore effectively contribute to their lasting success. JobImpulse is an established entity on the personnel services provider market. We are fast, flexible and unbureaucratic. This ensures custom and integral human resources solutions through competence, expertise and know-how.

The continuous growth of the JobImpulse Group ensures the expansion of our comprehensive services. Companies from different business branches have been relying and trusting our services for years. By utilizing our international contacts and experiences, we are able to find the fitting employee for our clients, at home and abroad. JobImpulse is always close at hand; where you need us, for example in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or Mexico.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
Global employment services  
Alexander Wittker  


Main Office
Shin Yokohama TS Building 4F
3-18-6 Shin Yokohama, Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku
Kanagawa, Japan, 2220033

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