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JobImpulse GmbH - Feature Company

Your qualified provider of personnel service


JobImpulse is a global employment services company. We are, with heart and soul, committed to bring people and their chosen professions together. We have been and we still are a successful gateway within the job market linking supply and demand. We are fully aware of the needs and demands of our customers and employees and can therefore effectively contribute to their lasting success. JobImpulse is an established entity on the personnel services provider market. We are fast, flexible and unbureaucratic. This ensures custom and integral human resources solutions through competence, expertise and know-how.

You, the customer, profit from our long-term international experience! The continuous growth of the JobImpulse Group ensures the expansion of our comprehensive services. Companies from different business branches have been relying and trusting our services for years. By utilizing our international contacts and experiences, we are able to find the fitting employee for you, at home and abroad. JobImpulse is always close at hand; where you need us, for example in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or Mexico. Indeed, we are happy to accompany and support you while establishing a new business location.

We offer you

You are looking for your spot in a professional life? A new challenge? JobImpulse has been successfully linking people and their jobs together for many years. Put your trust into a proven and experienced personnel service provider, who will position you effectively and favorably on the job market.

We offer you:

  • permanent employment status
  • wages above the general scale of pay
  • extensive social security benefits
  • personal and professional further training

We can easily and quickly find a new challenge for you, upon which you can optimally apply your skills and capabilities. JobImpulse supports you by means of sustained and effective further training in chosen areas. You can rely on our know-how, in order to get closer to your own career goals.

We have the right job for you and are seeking you as career entrant or career break returner as well as skilled specialist with valuable experience. Together, we will cater to your specific wishes and possibilities in order to employ you as effectively and specifically as possible. We take intensive assistance and support of our employees, as well as an appropriate salary for granted.