第8回 ”By The Book”の意味

“By The Book” 「規則通りに」

“By The Book”は直訳すると「本に従って」となりますが、


Steven:  Hey Jay!  Don’t forget we have that Compliance Seminar today to review our IT Security policy.   

Jay:  Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that…I really wish I didn’t have to go, but I guess we are required to be there.    

Steven:  Seems so. But I guess it’ll be helpful to find out the latest security issues, just to be safe.   

Jay: That’s true – and it’s better to do everything by the book when it comes to our IT systems.          

Steven: Yep, we don’t want to get in trouble when the Auditors come!   

例文にあるように、”Do by the book”や”Go by the book”として使われています。