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Indigo Japan - Company Details

Indigo Japan

Company Description

Indigo Japan Co., Ltd. is introducing excellent international students studying in Japan to Japanese companies, as highly-skilled foreign human resources, with the mission of "utilizing the power of foreign human resources to energize Japan!" We are mainly engaged in the following two businesses.


[Global Human Resources Matching Business]


In response to the various human resources needs of companies that are working on global expansion from a wide range of perspectives, including inbound and outbound correspondence, we have a variety of excellent international students studying in Japan and highly-skilled foreign human resources who are expected to play an active role as skilled experts working for companies in Japan.

The countries of origin of the experts we recruit are China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia, Russia, and we also have a wide network of Western human resources such as people from the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


The main occupations are international sales (manufacturers, specialized trading companies), marketing (cosmetics), interpreters and translators (cross-border EC, language teaching material production, IT media), interpreters and customer service (brand shops, hotels).

The features of our human resources matching service are ➀ various employment forms that meet various needs, ➁ highly accurate screening technology, and ➂ an integrated support system with full-time staff from CA to RA.

[Global Solution Business]

We provide various solution services to companies working on the globalization of their business by utilizing "know-how of foreigners" and "network of foreign human resources" cultivated in our human resources matching service. The main service contents are divided into the following two categories:

Utilizing the perspective of foreign residents in Japan, we hold seminars to introduce the viewpoint of  foreign visitors to Japanese companies and we also send out mystery shoppers.

We conduct overseas market research through group interviews with foreign human resources and research information overseas through SNS.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
グローバル人材 マッチング事業、グローバル・ソリューション事業  
増田 憲二  
Number of Employees
11 - 50  


Main Office
602, Sennen Building,
1-33-13, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1690075

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