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Magnescale Co., Ltd. - Company Details

Magnescale Co., Ltd.

Company Description

We are a measurement equipment manufacturer that contributes to the product development and manufacturing of manufacturers around the world.

Business policy
At Magnescale, in the area of high-precision measurement technologies, our fundamental principles guide us to build our business by encouraging and nurturing principles of superior craftsmanship. For instance, Our Magnescale products, which originated from tape recorder magnetic storage technology, and boast high resistance to environmental stresses and offer exceptional precision and high resolution, have spurred progress in the machine tool industry. 
Meanwhile, our Laserscale products, which originated from optical disk-derived optoelectronics technologies, and were developed with electronics miniaturization in mind, have contributed to improvements in advanced semiconductor technologies and high-density production equipment. 
Moreover, in today's manufacturing industry, our principles further call for us to pursue technical innovation with a global perspective, which involves addressing problems facing the global environment.

Development and design
Creating cutting-edge semiconductor products and scales to fit the needs of the constantly-evolving machine tools industry requires that we meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Giving thought to our semiconductor roadmap, the direction of the industry, and the demands of our customers, we set out a highly precise roadmap, and spare no effort in research and development to make it a reality. 
To develop new devices and pm resolution scales, a system to rate the process must be developed at the same time. Design and development methods must also constantly progress. 
Engineers in the fields of physics, chemistry, electricity, machinery, and software all work together to further enhance the functions of the Magnescale and Laserscale. 

Production and quality control
By proving products with excellent safety, quality, and reliability, we establish total quality control from design to product release, maintaining the international standard of the quality management system (QMS) and giving our customers 100% satisfaction. 
Our facilities include an ultra-high precision temperature-maintained room essential to production of scales, high-precision measuring equipment refined by a traceable fixed secondary standard set at the national standard, and a clean room necessary for the assembly of fine equipment. We also use out-gas analysis equipment for the increasingly popular vacuum scale. As worldwide regulations on noise are currently growing stricter, we use a testing facility for the highest standard, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). 
We also give consideration to the environment by using measurement devices that monitor the levels of harmful substances found in our products.


  • Laserscale

Laserscale easily achieves measurement and control with ultra high resolution of better than 1nm.

  • Magnescale

Magnescale employs the magnetic detection principle, thus far less affected by the condensation or oil problems inherent in machine tools and making stable and high precision operation possible in severe environments. It primarily uses ferrous members as the housing material to protect the detector section, thereby realizing the high vibration resistance and impact resistance characteristics.

  • Digital Gauge

Digital gauge employs the magnetic detection principle, thus far less affected by the condensation or oil problems and high precision operation possible in severe environments.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
藤森 徹  


Main Office
45 Suzukawa, Isehara-shi
Kanagawa, Japan, 2591146

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