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Human Resocia Co., Ltd.

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As a member of the Human Group with educational business as our backbone, Human Resocia has, in line with the times, achieved a nurturing, comprehensive talent service.

We develop talent that can be active and send them out into society.

We offer comprehensive solutions not limited to Japan to meet the modern challenges of recruitment, training, and retention of human resources and the need for diversifying work styles.

In IT and technical fields where there is a shortage of talent, it is possible to propose the use of permanent employment-type dispatch of talented foreign IT engineers who also have specialized skills and language ability.
In addition, we support the global development of business, such as recruitment of local talent in Japan and overseas, Japanese language education by foreign IT engineers, training for overseas assignees, and support for the study of various languages.

For the world, for people.

Through the creation of new employment opportunities and ongoing career support for those who wish for self-actualization through work, we will contribute to the growth and development of both companies and individuals and the creation of a more prosperous society. We believe that this is our mission as a general talent service company.


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Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
Temporary staffing / Dispatch of engineers / Foreign engineer talent Recruitment / Outsourcing  
Mitsugu Otaya  
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
Nishi Shinjuku Prime Square Bldg. 1F
7-5-25 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1600023

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