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ARKRAY, Inc. is focused on always providing new value to our customers and this is based on our founder’s drive for taking on challenges. This drive has been key over the years as we built up our own, rare business style and maintained a comprehensive approach to the development, manufacture and distribution of the sample test devices, diagnostic reagents and diagnostic support tools needed for clinical testing.

Brand Concept:
ARKRAY means "radiance of life." 
ARKRAY tries to bring "radiance of life" to all people with its science technology. 

'ARKRAY' is a combination of two words: ARK and RAY. 'ARK' is an ark or a large wooden boat. As Noah's ark saved every kind of living creatures in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, an ark is considered a symbol of life. 'RAY' is another word for brilliance. It also means rays of light, a flash, and a twinkle. Together they mean the 'shine of life'.

Company Profile:
We develop instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents and data management systems for clinical testing such as diagnosis, treatment and medical examinations, and our products are distributed in more than 80 countries across the globe. We also provide after-sales support for our products. In addition to our current product line-up we also undertake R&D activities for advanced medical care including genetic testing for cancer and human iPS cell-based regenerative medicine

▼Medical testing systems
Research and development, manufacture, sales and after-sales support of equipment, reagents and test data management systems for diagnostics, treatment, and examinations.
*For Major Hospitals and Research Institutions.  
We provide diabetes testing equipment, urine testing equipment and genetic testing equipment that can process large volumes quickly and accurately.
*For Small and medium-sized hospitals, clinics
We provide support for POC testing using diabetes testing equipment, blood testing equipment and urine testing equipment. We provide data management systems that can manage a wide range of test items, and can easily be connected to networks.
*For Patients
We provide self-monitoring blood glucose meter, lancing devices and smartphone applications, so diabetes sufferers can manage their own blood glucose levels. For simple, accurate, speedy measurement.

▼Functional food materials

Company Details

Head Office Location
Main Business
代表取締役 執行役員社長 松田 猛  
Number of Employees
101 - 500  


Main Office
Kyoto Miyuki Bldg. 10F
689 Takanna-cho, Kyoto-shi Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan, 6048153

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