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AINEO Networks - Feature Company

AINEO Networks - Feature Company

AINEO Networks

In 1997, AINEO started in a spare bedroom in a suburb of one of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo, Japan.  Since that time we’ve grown into three new office spaces and built Japan’s best team of people with a passion for high technology.  

AINEO Corporation (EYE-NAY-OH) or as most people know us, AINEO Networks is a high technology software company. Our business is helping organizations to be great communicators with their clients. Simply put, we are communications service provider or CSP. 

Great communicators are the ones who have relationships that last. Our relationship with our clients is so important that we actually call our clients our partners.  We have a simple work ethic around the AINEO group, the more successful our partner clients are, the more successful AINEO is.

Every technology we develop, distribute, or engineer helps our partners execute their business better.  It’s all about being great communicators.  We also have a passion to make technology better for business.  Better business means better lives for our players and partners.

Team x Culture

Our team ethic is that we are bright, quick, and flexible.  We call it BQF.  We measure not only ourselves but also our skill sets on being BQF in everything we do as we are passionately positive.

Everyone is important in AINEO. Of course, customers are king but without a good team AINEO would not be able to properly service them.  Everyone on our team must be BQF. It is essential because people who are easy to deal with on the personal level are great to deal with on the professional level. With these things in mind, we are picky about who we chose to join our team. All of our players will have to work with you for a long time, therefore we want people who are BQF and are honorable as you represent us at work, in public, and even in your neighborhood.  

What type of people make good players on the AINEO Team?  

  1. People with good “people” skills
  2. People with an out-going entrepreneurial, “always up” spirit
  3. People with good exposure to apps, computers, and systems
  4. People with Japanese skill is a must, English a plus, Korean depending on the AINEO Location

Your Career at AINEO

At AINEO we believe that hard work can’t be left unnoticed, which explains our flexible career progression and appraisal systems. We love to reward players for their contributions.  It is common at AINEO for someone to start in an entry-level position and work their way up in the ranks or even transition to a different role that fulfills their giftings. In a relatively shorter timeline in comparison to bigger organizations. We love what we do!  Our longer-term players range from 7 to 23 years on the team with many new people joining.  For those who are happy in their role it’s reflected into a fantastic performance. Contribution and performance will be rewarded by attractive bonuses and/or salary increases.

We understand that growth means different things to different people, and we are happy to be providing an environment that accommodates the diverse career visions in our team.

If you are looking for a flat structured, communicative, and a fun working environment where everyone from the highest title to entry-level is collaborating closely on a daily basis, where you can be an integral part of the company’s growth then AINEO is the place for you. Please check our open positions and we are waiting to hear from you