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株式会社Synspective - Feature Company

株式会社Synspective - Feature Company

Synspective  - Reinventing Future Together

Synspective provides one-stop solutions, using geospatial data from its own SAR satellites in line with its mission to create a progressive world based on real data. We are building a constellation of our own small SAR satellites to provide data and analytic information to governments and commercial entities.

We are the only company in the world with the capabilities to both develop and operate its own satellites and provide analytics solutions. We offer subscription-based solutions and new solution development with collaborative prototyping:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Energy and natural resources development
  • Disaster risk management

Our Solution Lineup

Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM)

Our unique inSAR* analysis detects fluctuations over a large surface area, in chronological order, with SAR satellite data which has a millimetre-level accuracy. You can reduce the time and costs of traditional observation or management techniques.

*InSAR - Interferometric SAR. The technology to detect land displacement with millimetre accuracy.

Flood Damage Assessment (FDA)

Unlike the conventional observation method, the SAR satellite enables all-weather ground observation, and it is possible to quickly evaluate inundation damage in the broader area when a flood occurs.

Global Geospatial Index (GGI)

The solution is providing actionable geospatial insights from satellite and big data for sustainable development.

Facilities monitoring

Using this product, our clients can assess the activity of the facility, as well as receive an alert when abnormal activity is detected.

Solar Potential Area Mapping 

Using our area mapping capabilities, clients can find suitable locations for solar power plants or for roof top solar power facilities.

Working at Synspective

We value “respect for learning and discussion”.

This is a conference-style study session that all employees participate in and is held once every quarter. At “SynsForum”, representatives from each team present the progress of their project and the lessons learned from their project experience. Since the content is in-depth and technical, it is important to make it understandable for other team members.