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Skillhouse Staffing Solutions

Skillhouse is PASSIONATE about finding you the right position that not only meets your current needs, but also puts you on track to accomplish your career related goals. By focusing all of our efforts on satisfying candidate needs, we not only will have satisfied working staff, but also satisfied clients.

Skillhouse’s business philosophy is simple:

  • Provide our clients with the best staff and best support services.
  • Provide our candidates and working staff with the best positions and best support.

Choose Skillhouse… you will see the difference!
Mark Smith
Skillhouse Staffing Solutions


Q. Please give us a brief description of your company, business and key services.

Skillhouse Staffing Solutions K.K. (Skillhouse) provides specialty staffing services focusing on Information Technology (IT) and Administrative Support.
Our focus is on the Desktop, Network and Application - we are recruiting for all positions related to these core areas including support, administration, design and development and management.

Q. What differentiates you from your competitors? Why would clients choose your company?

We strongly believe we are the best IT and Administration Support Staffing firm in Japan based on our intense commitment to our clients, working staff and candidates. Our core differentiators include:

  • Flexibility
  • Scope of Services
  • Our Working Staff and Candidates
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Business and Industry Knowledge
  • BEST PAY in the industry

Here at Skillhouse we are trying to create a community. Whether people are internal staff, clients or candidates, once they register with Skillhouse and join the community, we will provide better services and give them more opportunities in their career than our competitors. Skillhouse is trying to create an atmosphere where candidates return to us.

Candidates will definitely see the difference in the way we approach them. We are not only concerned about the best position now, but we understand that these people are our business, so we have to keep them on their career progression, and work to ensure they continue to grow as professionals.


Q. What types of companies make up your client base? Do you focus on a particular industry?

Our clients are large foreign/Japanese multinational firms.  We provide IT staffing services across many different industries, with the majority being finance, banking, insurance, parmaceutical, entertainment, services and technology firms.

What type of people are your clients looking for? What is your selection criteria?
Our clients are looking for IT and Administrative staff that have three main skills.

  • Skills in IT or in the related administrative position
  • Knowledge within their industry
  • Staff that have a bright, positive and professional attitude

Q. What types of jobs do you place? Is it essential to be bilingual for most positions you fill?

We focus on all positions related to IT and Administration. Roughly 70% of our client positions require bilingual skills, with the other 30% requiring only Japanese language ability.

Skillhouse understand how IT works in the companies . We are able to identify what kinds of skill set each IT department in each company is looking for, not only IT skills but also communication skills and support skills.