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Our aim is to support candidates into a more vibrant career path where they can play a bigger role in the development of their employer.

About Spotted

We are tech startup enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the Japan talent market. Born out of frustration, the founders of Spotted Recruit grew tired of traditional (read dinosaur) recruiting agencies and craved to work in partnership with innovative like-minded startups. We dig deep into the labour market, acting as evangelists on behalf of our clients. Our service is delivered with passion as we partner with our clients to work closely with you in order to spot talent for growth companies.

Callum McGovern
Co-founder & CEO

The most renowned Japan-entry executive recruiter in Tokyo, Callum has helped over 100 tech companies identify their Japan start-up teams. Experienced in conducting difficult searches in niche and emerging technology sectors, he is embedded within the startup community in Japan.

Diego Utiyama
Co-founder & COO

A serial entrepreneur born in Brazil and raised in Japan with over 10 years of experience in the Asia market working closely with global technology firms and supporting local Startups as a preferred Tech Recruiter.

Is passionate about new technologies, motorcycles and snowboarding.

Our Services

We provide several talent acquisition services including Retained Search, Professional Contingency Search and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Director Recruitment
  • Advisor Recruitment (industry experts)
  • Programmer Skills Check
  • Independent Distributor Introduction