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The New TUJ: Global Campus, Global Future 

Showa Women’s University (SWU) and Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) have agreed to share a campus at SWU’s current location in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. TUJ will move its entire operation from its current locations in Minato-ku, Tokyo by September 2019 to a planned six-story building on SWU’s campus.

The new TUJ campus will feature:

  • A traditional university setting with usable outdoor spaces and access to athletic facilities
  • A new academic building with 8,700 square meters across six floors dedicated solely to TUJ
  • A 50,000-volume library with access to expansive online resources and academic journals
  • Expanded studio space for art and photography programs
  • A dedicated gallery space to showcase the artwork and talent of TUJ students
  • Integrated IT infrastructure throughout
  • Improved faculty spaces
  • Enhanced student common areas, including a larger student lounge and cafeteria
  • An improved layout of administrative office for operational and staffing efficiency
  • Extensive meeting space for staff, and dedicated study and discussion rooms for students
Temple University

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), was established in 1982 as an international campus of Temple University, located in Pennsylvania in the U.S. As the first and largest foreign university in Japan, TUJ was designated the first “Foreign University, Japan Campus” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2005. All classes at TUJ are taught in English, and the curriculum, credits and degrees offered are the same as those of the main campus. Besides undergraduate and graduate studies (Masters and Doctoral programs in TESOL, Law School and Executive MBA), to accommodate a broad demand for international education, TUJ has expanded its programs to non-credit Academic English and Continuing Education.

Including the participants in the Corporate Education programs, TUJ is a home for around 4,500 learners from over 60 different countries.

Please refer to our HP for more information: http://www.tuj.ac.jp/about/index.html

What type of people are you currently looking for? What are your main selection criteria? Is it essential to be bilingual for most positions?
TUJ recruit both faculty and office staff. The search committee is in charge of selecting candidates for faculty positions and the Human Resources department is in charge of recruiting staff members. Since all classes are taught in English (except Japanese language courses), native level English is required for teaching positions. For staff positions, though the required level of English depends on the position, to be bilingual and bicultural is essential for all positions.

How would you describe your current team/staff and atmosphere at work?
Though the atmosphere will vary depending on the department, our overall atmosphere is probably a little different from that of corporate entities. Students are customers at TUJ and we are given the task of educating, coaching and guiding them. Our underlying goal is to provide them with the knowledge experience for them to become worldwide leaders for their generation. In this respect both faculty and office staff work closely to create the best nurturing environment for students.

What kind of benefits and opportunities can candidates expect to receive by joining your organization?
We offer tuition remission benefits to employees (100%) and their immediate family members (spouse and dependent children, 50-100%) for courses and programs here at TUJ.


Here are some comments from staff members:

  • TUJ has a very unique working environment – because we are an international university it is sometimes difficult to tell that we are in Japan.
  • We have an employee-friendly atmosphere; people care about each other and communication is at the heart of everything that goes on between employees. We all take care of our work responsibilities but also look out for everyone. Supervisors have the ears to listen!
  • TUJ is ideal for those who like learning; one of the great perks of working at a university is being surrounded by bright students. At TUJ you are able to take classes after work for free!