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K&L Inc. - Company Details

K&L Inc.

Company Description

Unite : Resonate
At K&L, we aren’t bound by conventional thinking.
Using our unique perspective, we unite concepts,
emotions and real-world applications to produce communication solutions
with wide-reaching impact.

Our approach combines tradition and innovation,
logic and emotion, the local and the global.

By bringing opposing beliefs together,
and looking beyond race,
age and gender,
we are able to create new value.

Ideas that capture the world’s imagination

Our Solution
Thinking outside the advertising box, we offer a one-stop solution for all your communication needs, both in Japan and around the world.

Global Branding
Promoting brands to the world

By conducting thorough research from initial roots to the latest innovations,
we identify each brand’s core essence.
Collaborations with world-renowned planners and creators yield brand communication with global resonance.

  • Branding strategy design
  • Concept/creative design
  • Global development (multi-language localization/multi-media)
  • Research

Contents Marketing
Transforming potential customers into devoted followers

Telling a story that is valuable to users on a personal level in place of one-sided corporate messaging.
Designing content and customer flow lines carefully from a user’s perspective.
Creating a mechanism that generates empathy and engagement.

  • Customer journey
  • Contents development
  • Customer flow line design
  • PDCA

Digital Communication
Maximizing the value of digital

Instead of being spun in circles by the digital world,
we harness it to design a digital platform that we can channel into a virtuous cycle of communication.
What we create is a communication platform optimized for sustainable growth.

  • Digital strategy design
  • Social listening
  • Media/influencers
  • Creatives

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
岡﨑 信一  
Number of Employees
51 - 100  


Main Office
8F Kojimachi Crystal City East Hall,
4-8 Kojimachi,, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1020083

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