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Fujipacific Music Inc. - Company Details

Fujipacific Music Inc.

Company Description

Fujipacific Music Inc. is part of Fujisankei Communications Group, Japan's largest media-conglomerate.

With over 55 years of history, Fujipacific continues to be one of the top music publishers in the nation.

Copyright Administration

With a group of experienced and dedicated staff members, we represent over 70,000 domestic copyrights. We also act as sub-publisher for over 500 overseas publishers.

Our offices in Hong Kong and Korea have proved industry professionals that Fujipacific can offer top-notch publishing services in various SE Asian territories.


Our licensing department actively seeks out ways to increase revenues, such as synch licenses for films, TV commercials, video games and any other possible media.

Creative Services

Fujipacific’s creative services group can provide multiple ways to enhance activities for your songs and writers-including song pitching to local artists, master placements, securing cover recordings, coordinating cowrite sessions and writer/artist developments.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
・国内外の音楽著作権の取得、開発及び管理 ・レコード原盤等の音源制作 ・テレビ、映画、CM、ビデオ等の映像及び音楽の制作 ・作詞、作曲家の育成及びマネージメント  
代表取締役会長 朝妻一郎 、代表取締役社長 立本洋之  


Main Office
2-14-4 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1070061

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