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Fermelanta, Inc. - Company Details

Fermelanta, Inc.

Company Description

Fermelanta contributes to the health of humans and the planet with utilization of potentially valuable compounds derived from nature through the sustainable fermentation process.


01. Potential Power of Plants
Plants have developed a wide variety of unique chemicals for their sessile survival strategy through evolution

Plants are one of the most advanced factories of chemicals on the earth, which have been developed for their survival strategy. There are over one million of natural molecules produced by plants, of which approximately 50,000 have been isolated with those chemical structures determined. 

02. Utilization of Natural Power for Our Health
We, humans have efficiently utilized a limited number of compounds for our health in history

Natural and organic products are quite common in cosmetics or health food. About 60% of small-molecule drugs approved are originally derived from natural products in the form of extracts, derivatives or mimics. However, there are a lot of rare and beneficial ingredients that have yet to be utilized in nature.

03. Traditional Production Process
Production of botanical chemicals depends on exacting process of cultivation and extraction

The supply of plant-extracted raw materials is unstable and high-cost. In some cases, we need to cultivate a plant for months or even years, extract only limited amount of bioactive compounds and waste all the remaining biomass. As such, some simple chemicals derived from plants are chemically synthesized due to cost efficiency instead. Almost all of beneficial plant-based chemicals produced by plants have not been efficiently utilized and even known due to the technological limitation of extraction and purification methods.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
合成生物学による植物希少成分の製造・販売 - 物質生産のための菌株構築サービス  
柊崎 庄吾  
Number of Employees
1 - 10  


Main Office
Nonoichicho, Ishikawagun
3-570 Suematsu, I-shi Kawa-gun Nonoichi-machi
Ishikawa, Japan, 9218836

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