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I Peace, Inc. - Company Details

I Peace, Inc.

Company Description

Peace of mind with iPSCs

Happier, healthier life with iPSC technology

I Peace’s mission is to alleviate the suffering of diseased patients and help healthy people maintain a high quality of life. Our goal is to create iPSCs – a type of stem cell – for every individual that becomes his/her stem cells for life. At I Peace, we are taking steps to achieve that future, now.
To date, we have successfully developed various innovative iPSC technologies and are continuously working to make our technology user-friendly and solve any barriers to application. All done to fulfill our mission of happier, healthier lives. We have high ambitions, but our feet are planted firmly on the ground to deliver our promise. We are forging our own way forward to make iPSC technology accessible and widely implemented in society.
While a growing body of clinical research is being conducted with iPSCs, iPSC manufacturing is time and cost-intensive, making mass production difficult. The number of clinical-grade iPSC lines that are currently accessible cannot support growing research endeavors, and it is especially difficult to cultivate iPSC-based personalized medicine. I Peace will continue to realize mass production and cost reduction of clinical-grade iPSCs.

With highly experienced iPSC researchers at the center, the I Peace team includes a diverse mix of Japanese and US talent, including clinical cell culture specialists, cell processing facility technicians, robotics technicians, engineers, ex-investment bankers, etc. Together, we are continuously working to realize our vision as soon as possible.

Company Details

Head Office
United States  
Main Business
田邊 剛士  
Number of Employees
51 - 100  


Main Office
809 San Antonio Road (Suite 7), Palo Alto, CA, USA 94303
United States

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