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The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Europe - Company Details

The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Europe

Company Description

We are the oldest P&I Club in the world. Trusted by our Members since 1855, we have built a reputation for providing an exceptional standard of service.

The Club has gone from strength-to-strength by embracing our core values of Integrity, Trust, Specialisation, Excellence and Mutuality, meaning our Members always come first. Our history of financial strength and a premium service have established Britannia P&I as one of the market leaders in the International Group of P&I Clubs.

  • 166 years in business
  • 240members
  • 46m chartered t nnage
  • 125m owned tonnage

Tindall Riley (Britannia) Japan Limited is the new name for Cornes P&I Co Ltd, which was acquired by the Managers on 3 April 2017.
Tindall Riley (Britannia) Japan Limited is headed up by Mr T Sugiyama and operates from two offices in Tokyo and Kobe. They employ a total of 16 staff and provide Britannia Members with high quality services.

Tindall Riley (Britannia) Japan Limited, as it is now known, has had a continuous presence in Japan since 1953, originally through the company Cornes & Co. Cornes & Co is an old company with a venerable history almost as long as Britannia’s. It was formed in Yokohama in 1861, by Frederick Cornes (born in Macclesfield, England, in 1837) and his partner William Aspinall. The company was originally known as Aspinall, Cornes & Company and its main business was the export of silk and green tea. By 1868, however, their activities had expanded and in this year they were appointed agents for Lloyd’s of London.

The relationship with Britannia began in 1953, when Cornes & Co were appointed as Correspondents in both Kobe and Yokohama. The listing in Tokyo finally appeared in 1974. Mr M Yagiu, who headed the P&I section and worked for Cornes from 1962 until 2001, was given the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by the Queen in 1998. In 1994, it was decided to create a separate company, Cornes P&I Co Ltd, which remained in the full ownership of Cornes & Co until the purchase by the Managers (and contemporaneous name change) on 3 April 2017.

In August 2018 David Cave was seconded from London to Tokyo, continuing in his role as P&I and FD&D claims director for Japan, working alongside TR(B)J staff and in close coordination with the Japan claims team in London.



Our Loss Prevention team offer Management Reviews, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Technical Seminars, and Publications to Members. To ensure ships standards are maintained to the highest level, the team also liaises with trusted surveyors to conduct Condition Surveys onboard.


Excellent claims handling is key to ensuring that all  Members receive the maximum benefit from mutual insurance. This is true whether for Owners or Charterers, and also in both P&I and FD&D cases. Successful claims handling permits us to resolve problems effectively and to minimise financial impact for both Members and the Club. Maintaining this close contact on claims provides us with great awareness of individual Members’ operations as well as a broad knowledge of issues experienced across the Club’s membership.

  • FD&D

FD&D (Freight, Demurrage and Defence) provides assistance to Members for the cost of legal representation and expert advice in relation to claims, disputes and other matters of a shipping nature which are not already covered by P&I and are not covered by any other form of insurance.


In respect of liability to seamen, damage to property, removal of wreck and many others, the Club provides cover on the basis of a combined single limit of up to USD 750 million or EUR 750 million. However, where needed, we are able to offer more comprehensive third party liability cover. We can arrange this cover either as a standard extension or on bespoke terms.


Membership of our club is generally open to registered owners, operators, managers or charterers of a ship. However, if you are a registered owner, it’s likely that you might be part of a corporate structure that includes other legal entities that could incur liabilities that arise from the operation of a ship. In these circumstances we will only consider a limited number of companies for full cover, either as a Member or as a co-assured. If your company falls outside the categories that are entitled to full cover, it may be added as an ‘associated company’, but only in so far as the Member would be able to pay, had the claim been directed against them.


Company Details

Head Office
United Kingdom  
Main Business


Main Office
10th floor, Ginsen Nishi Bldg
1-15-4, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1050003

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