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Amatsuji Steel Ball Mfg.Co.,Ltd. - Company Details

Amatsuji Steel Ball Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

Company Description

Since its founding in 1920, Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (AKS) has continuously refined its ball making technology as a manufacturer specializing in steel balls as well as those made of other materials.
We strive daily to make products that satisfy our clients’ needs. These efforts have been widely recognized by bearing manufacturers both in Japan and abroad and have earned us their trust and an excellent reputation.

At AKS, our core values are safety, quality, compliance, and the environment. We aim to become an industry leader by pursuing a business strategy that is based on these values and that will strengthen our corporate structure and achieve growth.
With its five international production bases in the United States, Europe, and Asia, AKS has established the infrastructure to encourage global technological advancement by using its unique technologies to supply its world-renowned AKS brand steel balls at the same high quality to clients around the globe.

Product Information

  • Balls for rolling bearings

These high precision, highly reliable steel balls for rolling bearings are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel.

  • Stenless steel balls

These highly corrosion-resistant steel balls are made of stainless steel(hardened/unhardened).

  • Ceramic balls

Made from non-oxide and oxide substances, these ceramic balls have excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

  • Carbon steel balls

Made from cold-headed carbon steel, these steel balls undergo carbonized-quenching to attain surface layer strength.

  • Heat resistant steel balls

These highly heat resistant steel balls are made from ASI-M50(American Iron and Steel Institute standard) heat-resistant steel.

  • Balls for ball-point pens

These balls have both excellent corrosion-resistance and wettability with regard to ink.

  • Optical glass balls

These glass balls for use in optical lenses are made from glass with consideration for optical properties.

  • Others

We also manufacture brass balls and nylon balls.

Technology Information
Charactaristics of AKS
AKS:The World's Top "Ball" Brand

AKS balls boast the world’s largest production scale and the world’s highest level of technology.
The four characteristics at the core of our brand are maintained and improved
by our unique production facilities and thorough product quality management.

Development of new technologies and products
World-leading Technology Supported by the Latest Equipment

Through persistent research and development, Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is developing not only steel balls but also various other new technologies and products. Here we introduce a selection of these.

  • Optical glass balls

These balls are incorporated into camera and other lenses as well as telescopes and require extremely high processing technology.

  • Ultra hard 0.18mm-diameter balls 

Through joint development with a Japanese stationary supplier, we created the world's smallest ballpoint pen containing a ball measuring just 0.18mm in diameter.

  • Steel balls measuring 0.1mm in diameter

Grinding enables the production of steel balls measuring 0.1mm in diameter.

  • Ceramic master balls

"Master balls" are standard balls used for measuring dimensions in precision machinery; the term refers to balls with extremely high sphericity.
Our master balls are made from ceramic materials(silicone nitride), and we are proud of manufacture balls with the world's highest degree of sphericity.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
篠本 正美  


Main Office
1-1, Kaminoguchicho,, Kadoma-shi
Osaka, Japan, 5710070

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