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Faster Release Cycle AI-Powered Software Test Automation
No more time wasted on manual testing, automated test creation, and maintenance.

  • Test Generation Made Easy Even beginner testers can create and automate testing by interacting with the browser in a way that you want the test to go. No programming knowledge or coding required.
  • Swift Release Autify quickly automates E2E tests and executes them in multiple browsers. Give yourself a competitive advantage by accelerating each release's QA process, improving quality, and increasing release frequency.
  • Reduce Costs with AI AI monitors UI change at the time of release, and automatically updates the relevant Test Scenarios. Say sayonara to manually fixing each Test Script.

<Autify's Robust Features>

  • Cross Browser Testing Autify supports PC browsers as well as mobile browsers. This eliminates the need for managing and maintaining real devices. There's no need to manage device farms either.
  • Email Testing Autify can be used to check transition tests and the contents of emails, such as new user registration and confirmation emails after a purchase. There's no need to prepare an email inbox environment just for testing.
  • Local Replay Run and edit Test Scenarios on the browser during the creation process to confirm that the test works correctly.
  • Parallel Execution Execute multiple tests at once. The number of simultaneous executions is customizable.
  • JavaScript Step Limitless customizability with coding. Combining custom codes with arguments opens the door to flexible Test Case generation.
  • Step Group Use the same action in multiple Test Scenarios? Repeating the same action in a Scenario? Organize them into Step Groups for easy test management.
  • Service Integration Integrate with services you already use. Implement seamlessly. CircleCI, Jenkins, Webhook, TestRail, and Slack are all supported.
  • User management (Comming soon) You can register an unlimited number of users. Each user can be assigned viewing/editing/managing rights for each organization/project.
  • Visual Regression (Comming soon) UI changes frequently as development gets faster. Autify's Visual Regression feature will automatically spot differences and run tests without maintenance.

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近澤 良  


Main Office
7F, Wakamatsu building,
3-3-6, Nihonbashihoncho,, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1030006

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