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Company Description

Onward Security is a leading brand in cybersecurity and provides security compliance solutions for connected devices. 
Founded in 2014, in addition to possessing an international laboratory, it develops automated security assessment products with AI and machine learning features. 

Onward Security has received patents and awards in many countries and helped customers in government, IoT/IIoT equipment manufacturing, finance, telecom, and other industries with certificates obtaining. 
Its products and services discover potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and protect important information or product security, as well as be fulfill with security compliance and industrial standards. 

Enterprise Security Services

  • Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing service is to assist the enterprise to validate and test the security strength of the internal and external systems, to find out the security threats and potential issues. The full security assessment report will be provided to the customer for improvement.

  • IT Security Services and Solutions

Onward's  Enterprise Cybersecurity Assessment Services help enterprises locate internal and external security issues. 
The total security solution can solve the cybersecurity issues and provide custom-made assessment services and training to increase the overall security awareness in the enterprises.

  • IIoT Security Assessment Services

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) including Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are applicable in industrial automotive operations such as information collection, transaction, and monitoring in key infrastructures. As such, the security issues of IIoT have gradually caused extensive concerns.

  • Cybersecurity Training

Onward Security provides a great diversity of information security training courses to meet the different clients' requirements such as security awareness, secured development, and security test. The training courses will be conducted with knowledge sharing, real case study and hands on to satisfy the requirements of different clients on the updated knowledge and market trend.

Product Security Services

  • Product Security Assessment Services

Onwards’Product Security Assessment Services provide the total-solution for the device life-cycle security development ranging from the requirement analysis, designing process, program development, security testing to environment establishment. 
By introducing related security services and products, Onward's team assists clients to acquire software security development abilities to comply with regulations.
Security audit services/Program developing security training/Product security testing

  • Hardware Hacking Services

We can provide the professional hardware hacking service to help you ensure the product security from hardware level, including interface, bus, and storage, to meet the industrial and client’s requirement.

Compliance & Assessment Services

  • Compliance & Certification Services

Onward security provides the security solutions for compliance checks, security management, architecture review, and SSDLC. 
We help the clients not only to establish the security management system but also to evaluate the maturity level of the secured development to reduce the security risks and events. IoT can be applied to different scenarios that have already resulted in many security incidents.

  • FDA Security Compliance Solution
  • ISA/IEC 62443

Cybersecurity Products

  • Product Security Management System:HERCULES SecFlow

HERCULES SecFlow provides a full spectrum of systematized solutions for product security development management that complies with DevSecOps for all the phases from the requirement, design, development, test, to deployment, providing product security flow management, security vulnerability databases, proactive product security monitoring and reporting to help customers quickly establish a secure software development process in a short period of time, as well as fulfill with ISO 27001, ISO 27034, OpenSAMM, NIST SP 800-64, and more.

  • Automated Vulnerability Assessment Tool:HERCULES SecDevice

SecDevice is an automated security assessment tool designed for connected products. It is equipped with functions such as vulnerability testing, fuzz testing, and web security testing. Adopting our patented AI machine learning technology, it accelerates the detection time and improves the accuracy of vulnerability detection. 
The assessments cover IEC 62443, OWASP TOP 10, CWE / SANS TOP 25, and more.

  • Cybersecurity E-Learning:Security Innovation

Security Innovation has always specialised to provide the latest online learning courses to ensure that enterprises use software systems more securely in the most challenging environments (whether in Web applications, IoT devices or the Cloud). 
The company provides more than 150 online professional courses in exclusive security-related content, and the quality of teaching is witnessed by more than 3 million users.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business


Main Office
Room E 2F Daiichi Shirakawa building
3-23-6 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1050003

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