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NOF CORPORATION - Company Details


Company Description

Since its founding in 1937, we at NOF Group have been expanding our business as a chemical manufacturer in multifaceted ways. We stay true to our management philosophy of “Contributing to Society by Generating New Value in Wide-ranging Fields from the Biosphere to Outer Space.”

NOF Businesses

  • Oleo&Speciality Chemicals

Oleochemical business has led the industry as a pioneer of the oleochemistry field in Japan since it was established in 1910.
Oleochemical business is the core business of the NOF group, which has a long history as an oleochemistry pioneer, and remains the leader in this field in Japan.
At present, in addition to oleochemical products such as fatty acids, their derivatives, and surfactants, a variety of functional products based on alkylene oxide derivatives, (meth)acrylic acid esters, etc. in petrochemistry have been developed for growing fields with remarkable technological innovation such as resources, environment and energy field, electronics and information technology field, healthcare fields.

Product Information:Fats and Glycerin/Fatty Acid Derivatives/Surfactants/Petrochemical Products

  • Functional Chemicals&Polymers

Functional Chemicals & Polymers Division has being expanding organic peroxides business since the start of production in 1957, and we are now developing various businesses based on organic peroxides, functional polymers and petrochemicals.

Product Information:Organic peroxides/Petrochemicals/Functional Polymers/Functional Films

  • Explosives&Propulsion

The explosives and propulsion business has created highly functional product lines with excellent R&D activity and production expertise and application technology with the highest priority of safety, and provided them since the explosives business commenced at NOF CORPORATION in 1919.
At present, the NOF Group, as a rare general explosives maker in the world, establishes a firm business foundation and expands the businesses for explosives for industrial use, explosives for defense and space development use, and articles for the public welfare.

Product Information:Solid Propellant and pyrotechnics for Rockets/Induxtrial Explosives/Ocean Exploitation Equipments/Defense-related Explosives/Medical Products/Crime-prevention Devices/Other Products

  • Functional Foods

The Functional Foods Division has always been a pioneer in the innovations in edible oils and fats re-fining and processing techniques since it was established in 1917. At present, it is expanding its business areas such as processing oils and fats for food and the health related business.

Product Information:Edible Oils/Health-related Products

  • Life Science Products

In the life science portfolio, NOF has been expanding its share of the biocompatible materials market in earnest, having consolidated its operational system after the company's success in the development of the production technology for LIPIDURE®, MPC polymers (2-methacryloyloxyethyl-phosphorylcholine) with phospholipid polar groups.
The application extends across eye care, skin care, oral care, and other care products, as well as medical devices, and diagnostic pharmaceuticals. Our products are highly appreciated in each of these fields.

Product Information:LIPIDURE(MPC polymer)/Products of eye care/Products for oral care and topical use/Medical device products/Diagnostic reagents/Oxidative stress antibody products

  • DDS Development

NOF produces the world's best quality Activated PEGs from our high-quality methoxypoly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG). NOF also supplies our proprietary high-purity branched, multi-arm and hetero-functional Activated PEGs tailored to meet our customers' PEG Drugs. NOF can supply Activated PEGs produced under GMP standards in our state-of-the-art GMP facility. NOF can help you to modify your drugs by using our PEGylation technology and our high-quality Activated PEGs.

Product Information:Activated PEGs and PEGylation/Phospholipids/High-purity Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives

  • Anti-Corrosion

The Anti-Corrosion Coatings Group has accumulated the most advanced surface treatment technologies with the core of highly original techniques for anti-corrosion agents to become a global de facto standard of the anti-corrosion for automotive parts.
At present, this Group has built a global network covered by Opens in new windowNOF METAL COATINGS ASIA PACIFIC CO., LTD. which conduct businesses in Japan and Asia/Pacific Region, by Opens in new windowNOF METAL COATINGS NORTH AMERICA INC. in U.S., and by Opens in new windowNOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE S.A. (a French company) in Europe to supply anti-corrosion agents to automotive production bases worldwide.

Product Information:Metal-Anti-Corrosion Treatments/Dry Galvanizing Treatments(ZCOAT+Nonchromate Treatment)/Sealers

  • Others

NOF’s logistics business, centered on NICHIYU LOGISTICS CO., LTD., works to improve the operating efficiency of the NOF Group with a view to better supply chain management.
The real estate business, primarily carried out by NICHIYU TRADING CO., LTD. is responsible for dedicated management of NOF’s real estate assets.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
宮道 建臣  
17,742百万円 (2020年3月31日現在) 
Number of Employees
Over 1,000  


Main Office
Ebisu Gardenplace Tower
4-20-3Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1506019

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