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MC Agri Alliance Ltd.

Company Description

MC Agri Alliance are the joint venture company between Mitsubishi Corporation and Olam International which is one of the leading agricultural product trading companies based in Singapore. 

We have taken over their import business for Japanese market from the both companies concerning such food ingredients as coffee, cocoa, sesame, edible nuts, spices, dehydrated vegetable and tomato products. Our mission is to stably supply safe, reliable and sustainable food materials above to all our consumers in Japan through collaboration with farmers and business partners in the world.

We are also working hard on product development based on our business intelligence for the food materials and collaborations with our business partners so as to provide delicious and enjoyable food items for all the consumers in Japan. As usual, our name is not printed on the final food items, but we are proud to engage in such business activities to connect consumers in Japan with the farmers in the world, considering the global environment in every situation and never compromising about the“delicious”.

Features of MC Agri Alliance
In handling each of our products, our strengths are proposal of traceable raw materials and stable supply, based on our initiatives with Olam International, one of a leading player in the global market for coffee, cocoa, edible nuts and other agricultural and food ingredients.
Based on the policies of both Olam International and Mitsubishi Corporation, we supply sustainable food ingredients that are friendly toward the global environment.
We can develop and propose products through collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation Group companies.

Our Products

  • Coffee

By exploiting the supply base of Olam International, whose strengths are the coffee plantation and coffee distribution worldwide, and the global procurement network of Mitsubishi Corporation, we achieve stable supply to customers of reliable, safe food ingredients from all producing regions.We also handle a wide range of certified coffees, such as the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade products, specialty coffees, instant coffees, and coffee extracts. We carry out product development and procurement to meet customer’s needs.

  • Cocoa

We handle cocoa beans, processed cocoa products (cocoa liquor, butter, powder), and chocolate.
Not only the largest producing region of Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana), we offer products from a wide range of other regions ,Southeast Asia (Indonesia), and Central/South America (Colombia, Ecuador).We also handle certified ingredients such as Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade products.We can also propose packaged products for retail, based on collaboration with related manufacturers.

  • Edible Nuts

We handle almonds, cashew nets, hazel nuts, and walnuts.
Olam International has almond orchards in Australia and the US, and can provide stable supply throughout the year.By using overseas processing facilities, we also offer blanched, diced, sliced, and other types of processed nuts.We can also propose packaged products for retail through collaboration with related manufacturers.

  • Spices and Vegetable Ingredients

We handle dehydrated vegetables (onions, garlic), and spices (pepper, paprika, and more). With a focus on the products of the group company Olam International, we can propose dehydrated vegetables produced in regions such as the US and Egypt, and spices produced in regions such as Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.) and India.

  • Sesame

Through the Mitsubishi Group's network, we offer traceable sesame with high added value.
Together with related companies, we are also developing products employing the sesame that are attracting attention as a healthy ingredient.

  • Edible Oils

We handle a wide variety of oils & fats, mainly derived from palm, olive, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, corn and rice. By utilizing our global procurement network, which include Southeast Asia, Europe and America, we are able to provide our customers with sustainable raw materials and contributing to society by enriching the dietary life of consumers.

The food ingredients we supply are made by overseas producers.
By procuring sustainable ingredients and delivering them to customers, we help to realize a world that is friendly for producers and the global environment.
We are also striving to realize a sustainable society through our corporate activities.
We adhere to a basic sustainability policy based on three perspectives — procurement, consumers, and workplace environment — which form our foundation as a company handling food ingredients.

  • Procurement: Our company aims to continue being a supplier of sustainable food ingredients in Japan by introducing and promoting sales of ingredients (fair trade products, etc.) meeting standards for certified ingredients or certified products.
  • Consumers: We will continue to support the health of all consumers through food, while responding to diversifying food preferences.
  • Workplace Environment: We shall work to create a workplace where employees can easily work and actively participate.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business


Main Office
1-3-7 Ootemachi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1000004

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