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Korn Ferry Japan - Company Details

Korn Ferry Japan

Company Description

We deliver sustainable growth by bringing together business, organization and people strategies. 
We work with you to nurture the talent you have into the talent you need. 
Putting the right people in the right roles with the right skills and support to deliver. We call it the human dimension of organizational consulting.

Our Solution
Our solutions help businesses and organizations reach and realize the full potential of their talent.


We know what effective organizations look like. 
Drawing on our proprietary insights and methodologies, we’ll help you transform your organization, building the structures, culture, processes, and workforce that you need for the future.  


Our assessment and succession solutions provide organizations with a clear understanding of the talent they need, the talent they have, and how to close the gaps. It enables them to have the right people in the right place at the right time to successfully execute their business strategy.


From executive search to recruitment process outsourcing, we integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients. Regardless of the transformation your business is facing - from mergers and acquisitions to consolidation and new markets - we help organizations address key business needs and identify the world-class talent needed to execute on their strategy.


Our leadership development programs are precisely targeted by industry, strategy and leadership level to help our clients develop the next generation of leaders – smart, dynamic professionals prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence.


We know current trends, how to create engaging employee value propositions, and have the right rewards and benefits strategy to accelerate sales. We develop flexible and competitive compensation strategies that align employees and senior executives with the business strategy. And we build thoughtful employee engagement programs that attract and engage a diverse workforce and reinforce company culture and goals.

For even the most significant business challenges, people are the solution. 
If you have the right people in the right places and synchronized to your strategy, you will always compete.


We deliver solutions that help organizations define their desired outcomes and achieve them. We create the structures and job definitions required for successful digital transformation, and we identify, assess and develop digital talent. Ultimately, our solutions digitally supercharge an organization’s talent base, putting the right people in place to confidently ride the wave of technological change and seize the unprecedented opportunities of the digital world.


We help you bring people together. We transform teams, individuals, and leaders to drive forward diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business. 
So you can be smarter, better, and more agile, and help make a lasting impact on society as a whole.


More granularly we modeled talent supply and demand for three knowledge-intensive sectors within each market that act as critical drivers of global economic growth: financial and business services; technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); and manufacturing. We also analyzed talent supply and demand for the rest of the economy.


We help companies address pay equity and gender gap issues by implementing smart solutions that build working cultures that are truly equal and inclusive. This takes smart leadership, strategic thinking, time commitment, insight, and experience. But the organizational effort invested will ultimately be worth it, because not only is equal pay for equal performance the right thing to do, data has also proven time and again that that it is the diverse and inclusive organizations that consistently outperform their peers.


Our dedicated transaction and transformation practice leverages proven methodologies, proprietary best-in-class analytics, and enabling transactional technology to help organizations dramatically increase the odds of a successful transaction.


We improve sales performance by identifying and closing the Potential Gap, the difference between where your sales teams are and where they need to be.  We help your organization define, assess, build and reinforce the unique skills and tools needed for each sales role within your organization, and transform your sales team for sustained change.


We help organizations define and follow the necessary steps to maintain a proven pipeline of female leadership candidates. We aid in early identification and acceleration of high-potential female talent, and we help organizations communicate opportunities in terms that engage and encourage women’s strengths. Mentorship programs also play an indispensable role, encouraging more women to become CEOs and, in turn, actively advance other women’s careers. By seeking answers, actively supporting qualified female professionals, and providing overdue solutions to an outdated status quo, we are creating a cycle of leadership success that benefits individuals and organizations alike.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
10,000,000 yen / 1000万円 


Main Office
14F, Marunouchi Trust Tower North,
1-8-1, Marunouchi,, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1000005

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