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MARUWA CO.,LTD - Company Details


Company Description

With the long-cultivated technologies since our founding, we produce and fabricate materials with superior properties.
In addition, we apply our elemental technologies such as circuit design, experiment evaluation, mounting, and simulation, etc., to those material technologies in order to send our own unique products to the world. Manufacturing the products from its very beginning to end makes it possible for us to expand our business in various areas.

Business Domain
Having the ceramic material technology as its core, our business expands in a wide range of areas including four fields: ceramics, electronic components /devices, quartz glasses, LED lightings.

  • Ceramic Component Business

Ceramic Division
Ceramic substrates used as components of electronic circuits and ceramic materials and parts used for optical communication.
Alumina Substrates/Aluminum Nitride/Dielectric Ceramics

Electronic Components/Devices
Countermeasure parts for noise elimination, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), and high-frequency parts for information equipment using radio waves.
GPD antenna/module/Multilayered Ceramic Capacitors/Varistors

High purity and high precision quartz glass parts for semiconductors, compound semiconductors, and optical fiber fields
Semiconductor Related Products/Compound Semiconductor Field/Optical Fiber Related Products

  • Lighting Equipment Business

Lighting Equipment
LED lighting equipment and LED modules for exteriors and interiors of public buildings including street lights.
LED Street Lighting/Lighting Designs for Various Facilities/LED Modules

  • Plugged-in Innovation

MARUWA products support the ever-evolving electronics technology from the background.
Diffusion of IoT・AI
Next generation 5G mobile communication system, next generation's mobility autonomous driving. Due to technological advances, the era will come where everything is networked. MARUWA's ceramic products and high frequency components with excellent heat dissipation will play an important role in the arrival of the IoT era.

  • Energy and Power Savings

Taking into account the global environment and realizing a sustainable society, it is becoming inevitable to save energy and power in many fields. For example, to operate a complicated electronic/electric circuit stably with lesser electricity requires to dissipate the generated heat while it is in operation.
In addition to the excellent electrical performance and reliability of ceramics, MARUWA realizes high heat dissipation performance in ceramics as in metals. They dissipate heat on circuit boards, etc.

  • Miniaturizing and multifunctioning

Miniaturing and multifunctioning electronic and electric equipment mean that the electronic circuit becomes complicated, and it will have to contain ICs and electronic parts in a limited space. That requires the miniaturization of electronic components and countermeasures against the noise. In addition to unique ceramic material technology, MARUWA contributes to the evolution of electronic and electrical equipment with the ceramic product technology of adding layers of substrates with complicated circuit patterns.
EMC countermeasure parts such as capacitors, inductors, and EMI filters eliminate the noise.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
神戸 誠  
1973年(昭和48年) 4月5日  

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