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At VOX, we foster "Food Engineers" through our product management.

VOX's "Food Engineers" are specialists of each product, from collecting and comprehending the crop and soil data of the raw materials to the processing and know-how of the technical and compliance details. Our "Food Engineers" also handle the logistics of delivering these goods globally and exchange vital information between all parties involved to ensure the proper delivery and supply of the most appropriate products to our customers. VOX is a global family of "Food Engineers".

Food Engineers = A business person who is both a "specialist" and a "generalist".
In order to handle food or food ingredients, we must have knowledge and experience of a wide variety of subjects - such as knowing the characteristics of certain plants and crops to managing quality assurance. It is also important to understand the global market and financial regulations in order to conduct sustainable and effective business with our customers and all those involved.

"Food Engineering" = Using technology to make the safest food possible.
We monitor and manage the entire "food" process from farming to sale: the crops on our farms, the processing and export from our factories, and the import and sales at our main headquarters. The quality control at the farming stage forms the foundation of our food safety. We are able to do this through our wide range of food processing technology and knowledge that we have developed over the years. Our "Food Engineers" are at the forefront of this progression.

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