Terms of use

1: Application of terms

The Terms of Use (“Terms”) apply to clients (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”), who enter into a contract (“Contract”) with C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”), to use the website CareerCross (as defined below).

2: Definition of basic terms

The definition of basic terms is as below.
CareerCross: Website we operate to support the recruiting activities of Clients, and this includes the basic services provided through said website (hereinafter referred to as “Basic Services”). Also, the term of “recruiting support services” includes optional services attached to the Basic Services (hereinafter referred to as “Optional Services”).
The user: A person who posts his/her information on CareerCross with the goal of finding a job.

3: Completion of a contract

When the contract between Clients and us is established, upon the approval of a Client’s application for CareerCross (on our official order form), Clients are only authorized to use CareerCross services upon understanding and agreeing with the content in the Terms of Use.

4: Use of CareerCross

  1. For the use of CareerCross, Clients shall comply with the particulars defined in these Terms.
  2. Clients are able to post employment information on CareerCross from their computer terminal, by directly logging into their assigned control panel.
  3. Clients shall not allow third parties to use CareerCross without our prior consent.

5: Username and Password for CareerCross Clients

  1. When a contract is agreed to and established, we issue a Username and password (hereinafter referred to as “IDs”) for the Client to log into CareerCross.
  2. Should Clients wish to utilize a 3rd party system which requires access to CareerCross, leveraging Clients’ account credentials, then Clients must first obtain permission from CareerCross before disclosing those CareerCross credentials.

6: Prohibition of the use of application or confidential information for purposes other than recruitment

  1. Clients use information posted on CareerCross or provided by the users (hereinafter referred to as “Application information”) only for recruiting purposes and do not use them for purposes other than the original intent, commercial purposes or not.
  2. We shall not be held liable for the credibility of the users’ registration records.
  3. Clients stringently and appropriately handle Application information as confidential and do not disclose or such information to third parties without the permission of the applicant himself / herself.
  4. When applicants or other third parties file suit or make any complaints against us resulting from the use of and the handling of application information by Clients, Clients shall accept full responsibility and pay any cost required to solve the situation by themselves.  
  5. Clients shall not disclose any non-public information that they learn from the utilization of CareerCross, including information surrounding the CareerCross system, its functionality and program source to third parties and shall not use such information for their own benefit.

7: Our responsibility for security protection

  1. We handle personal information provided by the users as confidential and in accordance with the law and do not use it without the prior agreement of the users. However, we shall be able to create and use statistic related data without the prior consent of the users.
  2. We shall delete (permanently) stored data, such as the user application information, from the CareerCross database upon the expiration of a Client’s contract. In the event that a client uses CareerCross continuously for more than 2 (two) years (regardless of whether the contract requires renewal within such a period), said data will be stored within the CareerCross database for no longer than 2 (two) years. After this period, said data will be deleted. All data that has been deleted from CareerCoss’s databases is unrecoverable.
  3. Only when we must handle Personal Information to the extent necessary to perform tasks, are we allowed to consign all or a part of the operations to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Consigner”). However in these cases, we assign responsibility to the Consigner equal to our responsibility, as described here in the Terms of Use.
  4. When we are legally ordered to disclose Personal Information by a government group or a public authority, we shall disclose such Personal Information to any aforementioned group.

8: Exemption from Obligation (Discharge)

  1. We shall not be liable for any losses or damage of any kind arising from the execution of this contract and the use of CareerCross services, except when it is clear that the damage resulted from willful intent or gross negligence by CareerCross. In the case that we are determined to be liable, our liability is limited to the range of direct and common damage, and the compensation is only up to the amount of fees that have been paid by Clients to CareerCross for the use of CareerCross services.
  2. We shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from a natural disaster or other accidental force (including incidents which we shall not be held liable for, such as heavy network traffic, network interference and server stoppage) or any act of third parties.
  3. We shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damage that Clients or third parties are liable for. Clients shall agree with the condition that we may suspend the operation of CareerCross without prior notice in the following situations:
    1. Maintenance of the CareerCross server, any upgrade of CareerCross, or any website-related repairs.
    2. Changing CareerCross content or specifications
    3. Any events due to circumstances beyond our control
    4. In the case that Clients are unable to pay our service fee or it is determined that the relationship of mutual trust between us and Clients is disturbed by the actions or activities of said Clients.
    5. Besides the reasons above, when we decide that the suspension of CareerCross services is necessary, on a reasonable basis.
  4. We shall not guarantee Clients whatsoever the certainty of employing the users, the quality and the ability of the users or their compatibility to Clients. We shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any issues between Clients and the users.

9: Prohibition of rights and obligations assignment

It is forbidden that Clients sell, transfer or pledge as collateral any rights and obligations upon the condition on this agreement without receiving our prior written permission.

10: Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

  1. Clients and we hereby announce and guarantee that each party is, was, will not be an anti-social force, that each party does not work with anti-social forces, does not make unjust or illegal demands in its use of an anti-social force’s collective name, does not obstruct business by defamation or discredit, and that there are no major investors nor directors/officers who are members or quasi-members of anti-social forces in either the Clients’ organization or our organization.
  2. Clients and we shall report to the other party regarding any breach of the preceding paragraph, immediately after such a breach is discovered.
  3. Whenever the other party breaches any point outlined in the preceding two paragraphs, Clients and we may terminate all Agreements and other contracts concluded between us, irrespective of a contractual form, in whole or in part, without giving any prior notice or taking any additional measures.
  4. Clients and we shall reserve the right to claim from the other party an indemnity for losses and damage arisen from the termination of the agreements, contracts, etc. concluded between Clients and us, based on the preceding paragraph.

11: Contract Cancellation

  1. During the term of contract, we are able to immediately discharge this agreement and/or suspend the use of CareerCross for a certain period or permanently by sending notifications to Clients when the following circumstances occur:
    1. In the event any of the provisions of this agreement are breached.
    2. When the credibility and trust of C.C. Consulting and CareerCross are impaired or harmed.
    3. Client has been seized, provisionally attacked, temporally suspended or received a disposition for the failure of tax payment, or declaring bankruptcy, a court-guided rehabilitation, company liquidation, a special clearance or a corporate reorganization.
    4. Client is punished by Nonpayment of a draft or check, or becomes insolvent for other reasons.
    5. When Client assigns all or important parts of the business to others.
    6. Dramatic changes in a Client’s business environment, such as amalgamation.
    7. The breakdown of trust in the relationship between a Client and us.
    8. Repudiation of business.
    9. Clients conducting unfavorable recruiting acts, such as withdrawing an informal job offer, cancelling employment and other discriminatory treatment and activity towards the users.
    10. Clients improperly using CareerCross, committing immoral, violent or personal attacks.
    11. When we judge that it is undesirable to post the information of Clients on CareerCross because of law violations or any offenses conducted by Clients.
    12. Other situations when Clients are unable to fulfill this agreement, and when we determine on a rational basis that the relationship of mutual trust between a client and us is gone, by the reason that this client is responsible.
  2. If this agreement is cancelled due to any of the above reasons, Clients shall repay an amount relative to the damage caused to us immediately and forfeit the remaining time on their CareerCross contract. We assume no obligation to clients, including the refunding of any service fee.

12: Agreement jurisdictional courts

The Terms of Use in this contract will be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes or queries arising from this contract or the interpretation of these terms or any matter not stipulated herein shall be settled upon discussion between Client and us. However, any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court, as the court of first instance.

13: Official Language for these Terms of Use

The official language of the Terms of Use is Japanese and this English documentation is a translation for reference. We will not be held responsible for inaccuracies in the translation or the misunderstanding of Clients as a result. The original Japanese document is treated as the official document.

Last updated : April 2018