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Job ID : 1472936 Date Updated : May 27th, 2024

Project Administrator(J-PEAKS)/プロジェクトアドミニストレーター(J-PEAKS)

Hiring Company 沖縄科学技術大学院大学
Location Okinawa Prefecture
Job Type Contract
Salary 3.5 million yen ~ 5.5 million yen

Work Style

Casual Clothing Side Business Ok Flex Time

Job Description

Division Function/Position Summary:

In December 2023, OIST was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the "Program for Forming Japan’s Peak Research Universities (J-PEAKS). This project aims to "promote the formation of a cluster of research universities that will drive the development of research capabilities in Japan as a whole by supporting the development of an environment in which core regional universities and universities with strengths in specific fields of research can strengthen their research capabilities by accelerating international development and social implementation of their research activities in collaboration with other universities, based on a management strategy centered on their strengths and distinctive research capabilities.

In this project, OIST will comprehensively promote strategic industry-university collaboration with a wide variety of industry-academia-government-finance partners in the Okinawa region and beyond, aiming to strengthen research excellence, internationality, and interdisciplinarity and to create innovations that contribute to solving global and regional issues. In addition, by acting as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, TUAT will promote various projects to contribute to the internationalization and advancement of domestic researchers and human resources at universities and to play a role as a group of research universities that will drive the strengthening of Japan's research capabilities.

Each project at the University is carried out on a university-wide basis under the direction of the President, and the Provost, who represents the University in academic matters, provides cross-departmental oversight between projects. The Provost's Office plays a central role in supporting these projects.


Job Description:
The Project Administrator is responsible for coordinating meetings with internal and external parties, assisting in the preparation and editing of meeting materials and other documents, assisting in the allocation and management of resources and budgets, and preparing documents and books necessary for communication and reporting to funding agencies to ensure that each project proceeds smoothly. We are looking for motivated bilingual individuals who are interested in working as part of the Provost's Office in an international work environment and collaborating with other departments to ensure the success of university-wide projects.



The position will provide support for internal university meetings and meetings with external parties, including participants from government, academia, and industry, as well as for project promotion. Specific duties include;

  1.  Coordinates meeting schedules, prepares agendas and materials and prepares and maintains meeting minutes
  2.  Support for preparation and editing of meeting materials, etc.
  3.  Arrangements for business travel and invitations, assistance in organizing conferences
  4.  Organization and storage of documents, data, etc., including confidential information
  5.  Support for resource and budget allocation, monitoring and reporting on budget execution
  6.  Support for project execution, including task management for each project
  7.  Gathering information and preparing documents and books necessary for communication and reporting to the funding agencies
  8.  Collaborate with the OIST interpreter/translator and support the translation of conference materials, etc.
  9.  Other duties as directed by the manager in charge

*Consultation on adjusting the specific weight of the job description based on experience is possible.


Submission documents:

  • Cover letter in English required. Japanese version required only for Applicants whose native language is Japanese.
  • Curriculum vitae in English required. Japanese version required only for Applicants whose native language is Japanese.

* Please be sure to indicate where you first saw the job advertisement.











  1. 会議のスケジュール調整・議題・資料の準備・議事録の作成・管理
  2. 会議資料等の作成支援・編集
  3. 出張・招聘の手配、イベントの開催支援
  4. 機密情報を含む、書類、データ等の整理・保管
  5. リソース・予算配分に関する業務支援、予算執行状況のモニタリング・報告
  6. 各プロジェクトのタスク管理などプロジェクト遂行に関する支援
  7. 資金配分機関への連絡・報告に必要な情報収集、書類・帳簿作成
  8. 本学通訳・翻訳担当との連携、会議資料等の翻訳の支援
  9. その他担当マネジャーの指示する業務




  •     カバーレター(英文及び和文)
  •     履歴書及び職務経歴書(英文及び和文)

* 採用情報を最初にどこでご覧になったか記載してください。
* 日本語が母語の方は、日本語の応募書類の提出は必須です。
* 英文応募書類は一次面接前にご提出いただきます。
* 面接は英語でも行われます。


General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 6 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Fluent (Amount Used: English Only)
Minimum Japanese Level Fluent
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills


  1.     Minimum 5 years of clerical experience
  2.     Adequate skills in Microsoft 365 applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  3.     Filing and document control experience
  4.     Excellent communication skills in English and Japanese (TOEIC score of 700 or above)
  5.     Ability to manage time and priorities in a multi-tasking environment.
  6.     Team player and able to work with many department members.
  7.   Ability to write clear and concise documents in Japanese and English

*People with no research experience are also welcome to apply.


  1.  Experience studying abroad or working in an international environment
  2.  Experience working in an academic environment such as a university
  3.  Practical experience in working with government agencies



  1. 最低5年の事務業務経験
  2. Microsoft 365アプリケーション(WORD、PowerPoint、Excel等)に関する十分なスキル
  3. ファイリングおよび文書管理の経験
  4. 英語と日本語での優れたコミュニケーション能力(TOEICスコア700点以上)
  5. マルチタスクの環境下でも時間・優先順位の管理ができる方
  6. チームワークがとれ、多くの部署のメンバーとの協働ができる方
  7. 明確で簡潔な文書を日本語・英語で書く能力



  1. 留学経験や国際的な環境での業務経験
  2. 大学等アカデミックな環境での業務経験
  3. 行政機関との業務に関する実務経験

Job Location

  • Okinawa Prefecture

Work Conditions

Job Type Contract
Salary 3.5 million yen ~ 5.5 million yen
Work Hours フレックス制 (コアタイム10:00-15:00)実働7.5時間×月間労働日数
Holidays 年次有給休暇、夏季休暇、傷病休暇、年末年始休暇、慶弔休暇、産休/育休完備、ボランティア休暇など
Industry Other (Education)

Job Category

  • Customer Service, Secretary and Administration > General Assistant
  • Customer Service, Secretary and Administration > Secretary, PA

Company Details

Company Type Large Company (more than 300 employees)
Non-Japanese Ratio Majority Non-Japanese