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Job ID : 1453958 Date Updated : April 15th, 2024
WFH available/International Environment

Senior Specialist, Control Assurance(内部統制)

Hiring Company Our client is a Japanese company that specializes in graphics ta
Location Tokyo - 23 Wards
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 5.5 million yen ~ 6.5 million yen

Work Style

Remote Work and WFH Casual Clothing Flex Time

Job Description

Job Purpose

This position involves regular reporting to the Vice President of Internal Audit, the main purpose of which is to support the planning and operation of the internal control regarding finance report (J-SOX), as well as contribution and improvement of J-SOX operation of all company levels.

In order to maintain and improve J-SOX framework, according to the scope of duties assigned by the Vice President of Internal Audit, the person in this position will be responsible for direct collaboration and implementation of enhancing processes together with the process owner or control owner for the local subsidiaries.

In particularly, the duties will involve the evaluation schedule management, completion of all the necessary reports within the set deadlines, as well as walkthroughs, evaluations, documentation management, improvement-oriented suggestions, external audit-oriented activities, and other various daily duties related to J-SOX management.

J-SOXの枠組みを維持・改善するため、内部監査Vice Presidentから与えられた職務範囲に従い、現地法人のプロセスオーナーまたはコントロールオーナーと直接連携し、プロセス強化を実施する。

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and provide all the necessary documentation for J-SOX, as well as, provide documentation support for process owners and control owners.
  • Maintain, manage, and enhance J-SOX framework and the documentation related to it.
  • Together with the process owner and control owner, walk through the business processes that are covered by J-SOX; manage RCM and provide its maintenance.
  • According to the assigned duties, implement and manage J-SOX management evaluation and maintain the system record data.
  • Consult with process owners and control owners regarding the processes and enhancement actions related to J-SOX.
  • Cooperate with IT department in order to maintain and manage ITGC
  • (Note)Overseas business trip will happen a few times in a year (1- 2 weeks in one time, mainly to USA and EU)
  •  J-SOXに必要なドキュメントの作成・提供、およびプロセスオーナー、コントロールオーナーへのドキュメントサポート。
  •  J-SOXフレームワークおよび関連ドキュメントの維持・管理・改善。
  • プロセスオーナー、コントロールオーナーとともに、J-SOXの対象となる業務プロセスを洗い出し、RCMの管理、整備を行う。
  • 担当業務に応じたJ-SOX管理評価の実施・管理、およびシステム記録データの整備。
  • J-SOXに関連するプロセスおよび強化措置について、プロセスオーナーおよびコントロールオーナーと協議する。
  • ITGCの維持・管理のため、IT部門と連携する。

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 3 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level (Amount Used: English usage about 50%)
Minimum Japanese Level Fluent
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills

  • About 5 years experience in areas of J-SOX, internal and/or external audit, finance or controlling is required (additionally either in audit/consulting firms or large companies are preferred).
  • Candidates who is in charge of J-SOX jobs as an accountant can apply as well.
  • At least Bacholer's degree in Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Finance, IT or similar fields are required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in Japanese, and high level written and verbal communication in English.


  • Able to work as a member of team, remain flexible with the ability to prioritize workloads, and maintain a strong attention to detail in a fast-paced environment.
  • Having a strong background in accounting, legal, internal control, business processes, production or auditing.
  • Having good analytical skills, solid business judgment, strong controllership focus, and the capability to drive a fast paced organization to the right results with a focused and pragmatic approach to the business is the advantage.
  • Strong computer and spreadsheet skills including.
  • Good team working ability.


  • J-SOX、内部・外部監査、財務、統制の分野で5年程度の実務経験。加えて監査法人やコンサルティングファーム、大企業で左記の経験あれば尚可。
  • ※ 経理部門で内部統制の対応業務経験がある方も応募可能です。
  • 会計、法務、エンジニアリング、ファイナンス、ITまたは類似の分野の学士号以上が必要です。
  • 英語ビジネスレベル(読み書き。会話は意欲あれば可)。米国・ドイツ拠点を中心に海外子会社とのやり取りが多く発生します

※ 日本語がNon-Nativeの方は、日本語での監査文書等の作成経験が有る方


  •  チームワークを大切にし、仕事量の優先順位をつけられる柔軟性を持ち、速いペースで進む環境の中で細部にまで注意を払うことができる方。
  •  会計、法務、内部統制、業務プロセス、生産、監査のいずれかの分野で高いバックグラウンドを持っていること。
  •  優れた分析能力、確かなビジネス判断力、コントローラシップを重視し、ビジネスに対する集中的かつ現実的なアプローチで速いペースで組織を正しい結果に導く能力を有することが有利となる。
  •  強力なコンピュータとスプレッドシートのスキルを含む。- 優れたチームワーク能力

Job Location

  • Tokyo - 23 Wards

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 5.5 million yen ~ 6.5 million yen
Job Division Finance
Industry Electronics, Semiconductor

Job Category

  • Accounting and Finance > Internal Audit
  • Accounting and Finance > Corporate Finance, Financial Controller
  • Accounting and Finance > Financial Planning and Analysis

Company Details

Company Type Large Company (more than 300 employees) - International Company
Non-Japanese Ratio Majority Japanese