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KPIT Technologies

Infotainment Lead/Consultant (Handling team of 10+)

Love biz dev?

Enhance your business development skills as Sales specialist

Data Scientist

Client is leading insurance company in Japan

Growing Taiwanese Co

Join a growing Taiwanese company called KK Steam!

EA to Japanese CM?

Be a secretary to Japanese CM, and working with China and US

Senior Accounting !!

Fancy using your Japanese, English, even Chinese ??

Sales Sales Sales!

Work on large accounts and feel part of a company!


大手外資系ホテルグループでのカスタマーサービスコールセンター! おもてなしの心を持っている人歓迎

Wipro Japan Limited

a leading provider of IT consulting. Please join us!


Entry level Game Localizer: game lovers are welcomed!!