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Bilingual Jobs on the Chuo Line 2

You're currently viewing bilingual jobs located on the Chuo Line 2.

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Analog IC design

Gpixelは世界のCMOSイメージセンサーの設計と製造の会社、 English is OK!


International strategic consultancy

embedded engineer

embedded engineer × automobile

New Tech Roles

Visit https://www.skillhouse.co.jp/ for more IT jobs!


Wind TA Specialist

Ahead Japan

Bilingual jobs with global companies in Japan

Infra Roles @ Japan

Project Management and Infra specialist roles @ SmartIMS, JP

▼Native ENG speaker▼

「翻訳 / 通訳」:医療という専門性の高い業界で、更なるスキルアップ

Content Editor

Eiken seeks writers/editors for full-time positions.

Ruby on Rails

New Zealand・Marketing Company