Skype Interview Tips

1. Skype username

Use a professional username and email. If you have a Skype account and it has an unprofessional or silly username, it may not give the best impression. Create a new Skype account with the username as your first and last name, possibly followed by a dot and your country initials. For example,

2. Dress the part

Wear what you would wear to a standard interview. During a Skype interview, you will be expected to be on camera, so it’ll be important to look the part.

3. Use a headset

It is very important that you are clearly heard during an interview, and unless you are using a professional radio microphone, your standard iPad or laptop microphone will pick up a lot of background noise. Use a standard “customer service” headset with a microphone and you will be clearly heard.

4. Location and lighting

It is very important that the person you are Skyping can see and hear you clearly. Take the time to ensure that you’re in a well lit office or room. If you have to interview in a public place, let your interviewer know in advance and make sure that the location is not crowded and does not have background noise.

5. Maintain eye contact

Make sure you look at the camera lens and not the screen. Keeping eye contact during the interview will not only look more professional, but it will help to convey that you are listening and are clearly understanding what is being said.

6. Avoid technical problems

Make sure you test your set up before you begin a Skype interview.
It is very important that you know everything works beforehand and can resolve any technical issues that may arise. Have a friend or relative call you to make sure everything works properly.