Job Interview Dos and Don’ts

An Overview of Interview Dos and Don’ts

A few things you should definitely should or should not do or say before, during, and after the interview process:

  • Do look at the company’s website before the interview.
  • Do prepare beforehand any notes and questions you would want to ask.
  • Do not turn up for the interview either too early or too late. Generally between 5 and 10 minutes before the appointed time is sufficient.
  • Do give your self enough time to get to the interview and compose yourself before walking into the reception.
  • Do wear appropriate clothes to the interview. Generally a suit and tie or the equivalent.
  • Do not take your jacket off unless you are invited to do so.
  • Do stand up when the interviewer enters the room – it is rude to remain seated.
  • Do not sit down until the interviewer does.
  • Do be polite at all times.
  • Do shake hands with a firm grip and look the person in the eye when you greet him.
  • Do offer your business card to the interviewer.
  • Do not play with the interviewers business card when your receive it. Place it face up on the desk in front of you and refer to it if necessary.
  • Do not smoke directly before or during the interview.
  • Do not chew gum during the interview.
  • Do turn off your mobile phone for the duration of the interview.
  • Do not complain too much about you present or previous company.
  • Do show enthusiasm for the new company.
  • Do not sound overtly ambitious.
  • Do show a desire to succeed.
  • Do not be overly aggressive or defensive.
  • Do show confidence in yourself and be proud about what you have achieved.
  • Do not answer questions with a simple yes or no – try to expand your answers.
  • Do keep your answers reasonably short and to the point – no more than about 2 minutes each.
  • Do ask questions about the position and the company.
  • Do not ask about pay and conditions until at least the second interview.
  • Do thank the interviewer for their time and shake their hand before leaving.