English Interview Dialogues

Interview Sample Dialogue1

Q:Tell me about yourself.
A:Well, I have been working as a sales manager for 7 years now. From my experience of managing sales people, I’ve learned the importance of working and achieving as a team. I’m also a self starter and work hard to identify new areas to target and existing areas that can be improved. I believe that this experience would allow me to contribute to your company.
Q: I see.
A:Also I have worked in several different industries and I have learned new things from each industry. For example, when I worked in the financial industry, I learned how to handle fast, high pressure environments. And when I was working in the IT industry, I gained valuable experience regarding consumer relationships. I believe this puts me in a position to do a very effective job at your company as well.
Q: (OK, good… now tell me) Why would you like to work for us?
A:First of all, I regularly use your company’s products and services. As a customer, I like your company and am very interested in working for the company.
Q: Uh huh
A:Secondly, when I looked into the position of sales manager at your company, I felt that my skills and experiences would allow me to make a positive contribution to the company.

Interview Sample Dialogue 2

Q:What are your long term goals?
A:I’m very interested in multicultural environments and would like to expand my skills and experience in this area. To do this, and to help contribute to the success of the company, I’d like to be involved in international business development.
Q: How do you handle criticism?
A:I welcome any constructive feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow. Furthermore, I attempt to better understand other people’s expectations and relate to them, while remaining firm in my own decisions.

Interview Sample Dialogue 3

Q:What are your key strengths?
A:Well, I am a very positive thinker so, for example, in a crisis situation I strive to see opportunities for the company or future projects. If you’re able to switch gear, good ideas can come up. Also I am a flexible person. I understand that each company, and even each section within the company, has different expectations for staff so I’m able to adjust to those needs personally.(, and manage staff to also meet those needs if required).
Q: Do you work well under pressure?
A:Yes, I can handle pressure at work. In fact, I enjoy challenges and taking responsibility. So pressure can be a motivation for me which makes this position all the more interesting.

Interview Sample Dialogue 4

Q:Why would you like to leave your job?
A:I achieved my goals at my previous job and I felt that the time was right for me to move on to a bigger opportunity. I would like to experience new challenges and expand my skills. Also your company is performing very well so I think that the future of your company looks very bright.
Q: Do you have any questions?
A:Yes, does the company have plans for expanding business to China?
Yes, what are the most important duties of this position?
Yes, what do you think are the most important personal traits for this position?
Yes, does the company have any training opportunities?
Yes, what is the company’s (greatest) strength?

Interview Sample Dialogue 1 Japanese

Q: なるほど
Q: (なるほどね、分かりました。では次に) なぜ我が社で働きたいとおもうのですか?
Q: ほお。

Interview Sample Dialogue 2 Japanese

Q: 貴方に対する批判をどう受け止めますか?

Interview Sample Dialogue 3 Japanese

Q: プレッシャーの下で働けますか

Interview Sample Dialogue 4 Japanese

Q: 何か質問はありますか