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Right Time. Right Place. Right Target.


From digital signage to gestural interactive media and content distribution to enterprise video acceleration, STRATACACHE solutions are designed to promote business growth, drive innovation and increase productivity. Working with over 300 of the world's largest firms in the retail, finance, service, hospitality, manufacturing, media and government sectors, STRATACACHE's products immediately provide a significant return-on-investment to the customer.

Established in 1999, STRATACACHE is based in Dayton, Ohio USA with facilities across North America and Europe. STRATACACHE research and development is carried out by a core group of network engineering and software development specialists in our Dayton, Ohio headquarters and our development centers in Montreal, San Jose, Salt Lake City and Boston.




◇Digital Signage & IP Video
Whether you are searching for new, improved ways to connect with customers or a more efficient medium to communicate with employees, STRATACACHE has the solution for you. Deliver entertaining and informational content to customers with STRATACACHE Digital Signage, or broadcast live and on-demand executive briefings to employees at any remote office location with STRATACACHE IP Video.

◇Content & Media Distribution
Reduce time and organizational resources spent distributing video files, software updates, and training documents to employees across your organization. Send any digital media, regardless of file size, to thousands of locations simultaneously and reduce distribution time from days to hours or minutes to seconds with STRATACACHE Content and Media Distribution.

◇Enterprise Video Caching & Social Media Proxy
Don't let rich-media and streaming video on the Web bring your company's network to a crawl. Increase employee productivity and enhance user performance with STRATACACHE Enterprise Video Caching. Or, efficiently deliver Web-based content from Facebook™ and YouTube™ with a STRATACACHE Social Media Proxy.