Flash Global Logistics Inc. - 注目企業記事

Flash had grown our business globally more than tripled in the last 5 years. APAC business growth had also contributed a lot with high quality services and Flash APAC has the strongest team. Tough work, but fair treatment. APAC team works like a friends and family.

We are looking for a candidate who are with energy, desire and flexibility to be a part of Flash APAC family which delivers high quality services to internal/external customers.

Working in Flash APAC team itself is self developping to be a business person.

Working as supplycain consultant, individually but within the team mindset.


Working for Flash Global in Asia is a very unique one. Very small group of skilled people are wearing different hats all times. OPS Mgr in the morning, Customer Mgr in the afternoon and everyone needs to hold “business owner” mindset to run the business with high quality. All staff will have full time contract as Logistics Consultant and will be working from home office most of the time. Some travels are required for the business growth and projects. We look forward to hearing from people with lots of energy and willingness to flexibility.

Flash Asia Pacific team had supported few days of tough mud digging in Kyushu in the summer of 2018 when many of the villages from the region was suffering from the heavy rainfall which caused many mud slide damages to hundreds of people in Kyushu. The photo with the local firefighter team and Flash APAC team.