Recommended YouTubers

Learning Japanese with Taka

Introducing Japanese that can be used for business and living in Japan, and the measures of selections for working in Japan. The talk speed is a little slow and easy to hear.

Video – How to Write a Japanese Resume | How to Get a Job in Japan


Mary Introduces viewers to working styles and meetings of foreign-affiliated companies. Mary posts interview preparation, fashion, and other popular information videos for working in Japan.

Video – 【電話会議】ノンネイティブがネイティブに英語で建設的な話し合いを試みる。【ビジネス英会話】

Video – 【英会話】営業ウーマン、英語でフィードバックをする。【ビジネス英語】

Yuuki’s Career Channel -Job Hutning Tips in Japan-

Job Hunting Tips for ALL International Students! Yuuki will support you on your job search, from basic information about working in Japan to finding a job efficiently.

Video – Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews!

Pamela Mari

★ Must-see for Filipinos ★ Measures for interviews and resume are introduced using some Tagalog, to make it easy to understand. The videos are also helpful for people working in Japan and how they can use their days off.

Video – Japan Caregiver Job Interview Question with Sample Good Answer

Chika Alice in Japan

Japanese American living in Tokyo. She uploads informative videos about Japan and also about her life in Japan!

Video – Living in Japan Q&A! (Work Life, Tattoos, and Cost of Living!)

MIKI from Japan

MIKI is introducing places to visit in Japan, how to use Japanese words correctly, and also interview tips for people looking to work in Japan. If you are wondering where to work in Japan, her videos will help you a lot.

Video – The difficulty of Japanese language that Japanese think

Video – 【Japanese style】How to write Reason for applying