求人ID : 996808 更新日 : 2020年03月27日
Wanted and Welcome Foreign engineers!!

IT engineer / Server, Network, Desktop 独占求人

採用企業 GAC JAPAN Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジーエイシージャパン
勤務地 東京都 23区, 千代田区
勤務形態 正社員
給与 経験考慮の上、応相談


Considerable positions will be available for eligible IT engineers that perform extensive IT-related support that would provide technical services on-site and as local IT staff at the customer sites.
Therefore, we are looking for engineers who have satisfactory expertise in managing, implementing and troubleshooting  servers, network equipment hardware and general application skills related to desktop tasks.
In addition, since you often communicate with your overseas IT team, you need to be able to communicate in English. On the other hand, communication in Japanese is essential on the customer site, so daily conversation skills are required.
There is internal education and qualification support system, so it is an environment where you can improve various skills while working.

《About our service》
> Full-time engineer service <
Basically, you would go straight to customer site every day, work as IT support staff, and return home after fulfilling your daily task. If you are assigned as main person in charge, you may daily (Workdays) visit customer site and back to your home directly for most of the months.

> Regular visit service <
You will visit customers’ sites several days a week, weekly or bi-weekly to provide IT support in bulk. In addition, when there is an emergency case, you may visit customer sites upon request basis.

> Spot on-site service <
This is a ticket-based service that is in operation upon visiting a designated location based on a customer request. This service is for unspecified sites. This service will be assigned to engineers who have not been assigned to the full-time engineer service or the regular visit service described above on the target date.

> Project coordination <
Coordinating projects for Japan and overseas. Since this service is on a case-by-case basis, the applicable engineer is selected according to the content.








  • 基本は休日を除く週5日、お客様サイトに直行し、ITサポート担当として業務頂き、終了後は終了報告後、直接ご帰宅頂きます。メインの担当者としてアサインされた場合は、月の大半を直行・直帰の対応となりますが、情報共有や事務処理等のため、数日は交代要員のエンジニアと交代します。


  • 月に数日、毎週または隔週でお客様サイトを訪問し、まとめてITサポートを行います。尚、緊急性が高い問題が生じた際は、発生ベースで訪問することもあります。


  • いわゆるチケット制のサービスでお客様のご要望に基づき、ご指定場所へオンサイトして対応頂きます。このサービスは訪問先が特定されていないケースが殆どです。このサービスは対象の日に、上記のフルタイムエンジニアサービスや定期訪問サービスに従事していないエンジニアにご担当頂きます。


  • 日本国内向け及び海外向けのプロジェクト調整、連絡、現地訪問を行います。 このサービスは案件ベースの為、内容に応じて適任者を選定します。




職務経験 3年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル ビジネス会話レベル (英語使用比率: 50%程度)
日本語レベル 日常会話レベル
最終学歴 高等学校卒
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可は必要ありません


Required capacity :

Experience of maintenance and configure of Windows PC, Server (Windows, Linux)

Experience of maintenance and configure of Network device (Cisco, Juniper ....)

Preferred :

Experience of maintenance and setup of MAC, iPAD, iPhone Android ...

Experience of IT support and Helpdesk



Windows PC, Server (Windows, Linux) の保守・構築経験者

ネットワークの保守・構築経験者 (シスコ、ジュニパーなど)


MAC, iPAD, iPhone Android の設定、保守経験者




  • 東京都 23区, 千代田区
  • 総武線各駅停車 (三鷹-市川-千葉)、 市ヶ谷駅


勤務形態 正社員
給与 経験考慮の上、応相談
ボーナス 固定給+ボーナス
勤務時間 9:00-18:00 (担当案件によって変わる場合あり)
休日・休暇 土、日、祝日、年末年始 (休日出勤の可能性あり)


IT engineer / Server, Network, Desktop - 996808


会社の種類 中小企業 (従業員300名以下)
外国人の割合 外国人 半数


In today’s fast-moving markets, companies no longer just want a vendor that responds to requests at a minimal cost but they need an innovative partner that can quickly turn ideas and projects into value-generators with minimal cash burn, and that’s what we do. We are a single provider for managing and securing mission-critical IT services.

GAC JAPAN has not only long-term experience in supporting global companies but also good understanding of international business needs. We have over 15 years of invaluable and practical experiences in serving as IT consultants and engineering services.

GAC JAPAN offers wide range of IT services with end-user support and hardware maintenance, such as networking equipment, computers, servers, etc. as well as resale of IT products to global companies with business presence in Japan.

Our engineers have thorough knowledge of the Japanese telecommunications and electrical standards obtained through many years of experience in the field IT support. We provide excellent bilingual support to your regional IT support team, to help save their time as well as propose better and more effective solutions.

GAC JAPAN can collaborate with office solution partners such as office designs, furniture, multifunction machines and consumables supplies. We can also realize plans smoothly bilingually as a single point of contact.