Network Deployment Engineer/English Speaker 600,000 + - 564265

Network Deployment Engineer/English Speaker 600,000 +

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  • Technical Skillset and Proficiencies

  • Create Unit Assembly Templates
  • Create Staging Documents
  • Create Device Configurations per COMPANY network standards
  • Identify, communicate and monitor correct versions of network device operating systems (eg – IOS, ES) for all new network equipment throughout project lifecycle
  • Collaborate with Network Engineering throughout implementation
  • Monitor GNS, OGL, DGL & PSD literature and related network standards for updates throughout project lifecycle and action as appropriate to standards
  • Remotely manage vendor staging of new network equipment
  • Provide receiving support for equipment deliveries
  • Provide tracking information required to maintain equipment inventory
  • Create new and update existing Network Diagrams
  • Create copper/fiber Patching Schedules
  • Update Rack Elevation drawings
  • Coordinate with TPM, peer infrastructure silos (Network Implementation, Network Operations, Network Engineering, Server Implementation, Server Operations, ITF) to prepare for and deploy new networking systems
  • Create Change Validation Documents (CVDs) [implementation plans] for each network change
  • Submit GCM requests & implementation plans
  • Attend change control meetings (pre-CAB, weekly GTP internal)
  • Attend weekly project status meetings
  • Participate in Exchange and/or Client interviews
  • Oversee/Perform installation & cabling activities
  • Implement new network equipment
  • Perform network steady-state certification for each change (COSI - Configuration & Operational Status Integrity)
  • Perform network failover certification for each change (FOT - Fail Over Testing)
  • Coordinate with TPM, peer infrastructure silos (Network Implementation, Network Operations, Network Engineering, Server Implementation, Server Operations, ITF) to certify new networking systems before, during and after each change
  • Coordinate appropriate updates with NMS Team as devices are productionized
  • Perform appropriate updates to Netbase
  • Perform Change Events (GCMs)
  • Provide next business day support for each change
  • Support project closure activities
  • Responsibilities (KPIs)
  • Create, and secure appropriate signoff for, all network deliverables produced or updated during the project
  • Implement all networking systems delivered during this project based on company network standards
  • Comply with all company standard network deployment practices while implementing this project
  • Represent all network implementation activities that involve the company production network that are performed throughout this project at weekly change review meetings
  • Attend weekly project status meetings and provide accurate and timely status updates to the Project Manager
  • Certify steady-state and failover operation of all networking systems introduced on the company production network during the project and turnover to Network Operations and Network Management
  • Turn-over all documentation created or updated during this project to the client
  • Objective(s)
  • Deliver all requests according to agreed scope & agreed due dates
  • Monitoring Mechanism
  • Weekly status meetings
  • Ad-hoc or regularly scheduled team or effort-driven meetings or discussions
  • Scheduled & unscheduled verbal and written updates
  • Follow-up with other teams, and with the other infrastructure silos responsible for technical delivery of all efforts
  • GCM change requests
  • iServer publications
  • SharePoint publications
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Per-change conference bridges


  • Minimum of 5 years experience hands on deployment of complex data networks.
  • Hands on experience with Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus & Arista platforms
  • Strong knowledge of L2 & L3 packet & frame protocols
  • Strong knowledge of OSPF & BGP, and general knowledge of industry standard routing protocols
  • Strong hands on experience configuring & troubleshooting multicast
  • Understanding of TCP/IP addressing & behavior and the OSI Model
  • Background in the financial services industry
  • Preferred - Experience building and deploying Enterprise networks including Core, Man, Wan, Extranet and Browsing / E-Commerce services.


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