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Adept Group Consultant-in-Training (CIT)

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400万円 ~ 800万円
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Who we are:

At our core we are a team of highly dedicated professionals with shared goals and mantra, to be ADEPT:

Aligning ourselves and our business to achieve Win/Win outcomes for both partners and candidates is what makes us elite

Determination to be the best and achieve what others think is too difficult is what sets us apart

Efficiency is key to our business – being the go-to business partner for clients when they need top talent and professionals who want more than just a 9-5

Proactivity in everything we do makes every opportunity achievable if you have the desire to go after it

Tenacity is at the core of our business, and energetic approach to achieving success and continually competing both internally and externally to ensure we remain the best

All these things makes us ADEPT and if you feel you want to be a true expert in the IT field, a consultant that leading professionals look to for guidance or global IT brands come to when they need talent, then keep reading…


What we need:

We’re looking for a CIT, or Consultant in Training. This is the first step towards becoming a member of the consulting team at Adept Group. During your CIT period, you will be responsible for various tasks and will be expected to show both motivation and passion for success. Your tasks will include:

  • Develop a network of specially targeted IT professionals. This will include contacting, meeting and qualifying prospective candidates
  • The CIT will assist the client managers by gaining candidate interest and managing that candidate’s progression in the interview process from start to placement
  • Spend 3 to 6 months in the Adept Group training program learning the fundamentals in effective and high quality recruitment consulting while consistently achieving and exceeding set KPI’s and other performance indicators in order to meet specific development goals
  • Once the CIT phase is completed he/she will move into a full-fledged consulting role within Adept Group


Who qualifies?

Adept Group advocates of the idea that experience is not an intrinsic trait, you can learn skills through experience and training. With that in mind, the right professional is someone with a desire to learn and a willingness to both be led and one day lead…

Is sales experience important? No, but it’s helpful because you have an understanding of the rigors of working under deadlines and with quotas…at the same time, someone without sales experience but a heightened sense of urgency would and could achieve the same level of success.

Is IT industry experience important? No, but if you extrinsically show an innate enthusiasm for the field, you qualify. As a consultant at Adept you will be a trusted partner with many senior IT Executives as well as junior professionals, so a personal aspiration to be successful and intrinsic motivation are essential traits that you will possess.

What are you waiting for?

If you think you have what it takes to work with the best in the industry…if you like to work hard and play hard as a reward, then Adept Group wants to speak to you.


 – The Consulting Team –


Adept Group is an APAC Regional Firm that was formed by an experienced team to deliver a superior service based on people, vision, and progress.  We have a passion and track record for working with companies with cutting edge products and solutions.

We have developed expertise based on our core mission - Help people achieve their goals within outstanding organizations and help outstanding organizations obtain the people they need to remain outstanding.

We aim to be the “one” recruiting firm that people turn to when they want results. Combining the core values of integrity, immediate action and objectivity. We have developed the confidence in the market to act selflessly. Our ultimate goals are achieved when our clients and candidates achieve their goal.