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Global US based technology Company

Sharepoint developer/Sharepointデベロッパー

勤務地 東京都 23区
雇用形態 正社員
給与 800万円 ~ 1200万円





•    Develop Web look Intranet Portal Collaboration Intranet Site and Branding on SharePoint platform or  using Live Tiles solution.
•    Modify current workflow and Build new landing page, department templates/pages, newsletter, banner and videos accessible to any device.
•    Implement, deploy, package and maintain new intranet portal site and SharePoint site.
•    Use SharePoint Framework SPx to create website designs with OOTB, UI extension, page layouts, themes, and display templates.
•    Code pages using HTML5, JavaScript, and Typescript, jQuery, CSS, SQL, Bootstrap or responsive design for all devices.

- SharePointプラットフォームまたはLive Tilesソリューションを使用して、Webルックのイントラネット・ポータル・コラボレーション・イントラネット・サイトとブランディングを開発します。
- 現在のワークフローを変更し、新しいランディングページ、部署テンプレート/ページ、ニュースレター、バナー、ビデオなどをあらゆるデバイスからアクセスできるように構築。
- 新しいイントラネットのポータルサイトとSharePointサイトの導入、展開、パッケージ化、保守。
- SharePoint Framework SPx を使用して、OOTB、UI エクステンション、ページレイアウト、テーマ、表示テンプレートなどの Web サイトデザインを作成。
- HTML5、JavaScript、および Typescript、jQuery、CSS、SQL、Bootstrap、またはあらゆるデバイスに対応するレスポンシブデザインを使用してページをコーディングする。


職務経験 3年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル 日常会話レベル
日本語レベル ビジネス会話レベル
最終学歴 大学卒: 学士号
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可が必要です



•        Minimum 3-4 years of experience in a SharePoint developer role using SharePoint online/O365 and SharePoint on Premise 2013/2016.
•        Ability to read/write/speak in Japanese. (English is a plus)
•        Migrate data from SharePoint Online to SP 2010/2013/2016 using Sharegate, Quest, or Metalogix migration tool.
•        Experience in client interaction and understanding business application, business data flow and migration from SP 2010 or 2013 to 2016.
•        Experience in SharePoint framework, building sites in hybrid environments, developing and administrating.

- SharePoint online/O365およびSharePoint on Premise 2013/2016を使用したSharePoint開発者としての経験が3~4年以上あること。
- 日本語での読み書き/コミュニケーションができること。(英語があれば尚可)。
- Sharegate、Quest、またはMetalogixの移行ツールを使用して、SharePoint OnlineからSP 2010/2013/2016へのデータ移行ができること。
- 顧客との対話、ビジネスアプリケーション、ビジネスデータフローの理解、SP 2010または2013から2016への移行の経験があること。
- SharePointフレームワークやハイブリッド環境でのサイト構築、開発、管理の経験があること。


  • 東京都 23区


雇用形態 正社員
給与 800万円 ~ 1200万円


会社の種類 大手企業 (300名を超える従業員数) - 外資系企業
外国人の割合 外国人 半数

Hire Pundit Japan 株式会社

Sharepoint developer/Sharepointデベロッパー の求人情報 | 外資系求人・英語を使う転職・就職ならキャリアクロス



With VALUES at CORE, we promise to deliver a great PEOPLE experience 

At Hire Pundit (Ranked as Top 10 Young Recruitment Firms by Silicon Group), we take pride in branding ourselves as a People & Business Consulting Company specializing in recruitment and dispatch of High skilled Professionals in Information Technology, Hi-Tech, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Life Science & Healthcare sectors.

In current times, and reflecting to many changes that all business and social community is going through these days (Courtesy COVID 19), we are here to support professionals on all kind of employment platform not limited to full-time employees but we also for PCS (Project and Contract Based hiring), which is part of our dispatch services.  

Majority of our clients and business partners are TECH and ENGINEERING companies, and we have an extensive track record of supporting the recruiting for start-ups and large companies especially operating in Japan, India and more than 21 countries across globe.

With many of our clients having development team overseas and serving market as Japan, we feel responsible in making sure that our professional pool lands in a great working environment (with Cultural Fitment at Core) giving them not just a career opportunity but a sustainable and happier personal life as well. We ensure such fitment through effective screening process that is based on our own defined selection criteria. 

This also reflects in our Philosophy of “Not just making Introductions but Recommending great Client to our Candidates and vice versa.”

Our Strength and Builds 

As a focussed organization, we find our strength in recommending a wide range of professionals with state-of-the-art skills such as block chain, AI and programming. In terms of function expertise, we support candidates across technology and services such as 
•    Web & Mobile development, UI/UX Designers, Cloud Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Network and Security 
•    Business Analyst, Project Managers, Sales, Customer Success Managers, Pre-sales 
•    CAD Engineers (Automotive), Software Engineers, System Engineers, Plant and Piping Engineers

We handle career opportunities that are centered on specialists and mid-career and above, such as managers and executives. Extending our scope beyond recruiter, our Industry experts are here to advise on not only career advancement opportunities but fulfilling your KOKOROZASHI (Personal Mission). 
Dealing with business owners makes our recruitment process most transparent and authentic.
What helps us distinguish from a pure recruitment firm is our combination of providing business support services to our clients and applying that knowledge to find talent. With our deep expertise in understanding the evolving business needs, our Candidates find us insightful and trustworthy, differentiating us from many other who simply recruit. 

Combining people and business consulting deeply impacts our business clients and recruitment candidates. As a principle, our engagement process with all parties is clear and transparent: there are no tall promises, no presumptions about their needs, and there are no assumptions about what they think about our services.