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No upper limit on annual salary

【Any nationality】 Highly AI algorithm development / ML  独占求人

勤務地 東京都 23区, 中央区
雇用形態 正社員
給与 1000万円 ~ 経験考慮の上、応相談




As an image processing engineer, you will be in charge of system design, development, and software testing for image applications, which are products developed in-house.

[PJ case]
・ Visual inspection system for major automobile manufacturers
・ Printing inspection system for major food companies
・ Production demand forecast, etc.

Development is done in-house.


We are an AI venture company established in 2020, with a mission to "create new value for the world", mainly through product development, system development and data analysis using AI technology.

In the manufacturing industry, which is facing serious challenges such as intensifying international competition and a shortage of human resources, there is a need to improve operational efficiency and productivity through the use of digital technology.

In order to support DX in manufacturing, we are developing a variety of businesses, from consulting to AI solutions, joint development and technical support, and application development of our own products, based on our advanced technology such as image processing, voice recognition, natural language processing, demand forecasting, IoT and other AI technologies.

We are currently in our second year of operation and have been working with some of Japan's leading companies in the automotive and food industries. We are in a phase of rapid growth with an eye on going public in the next two to three years, and we are looking for an engineer who can accelerate our service promotion and product development.      

Our large number of projects means that we can offer you a wealth of development experience in cutting-edge areas and keep you at the forefront of technological developments.
We are an exciting place to work, with a strong emphasis on diversity and mutual learning.    


As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for driving the development of Python based imaging applications for one of our products.

Examples of projects
Visual inspection system for a major automotive manufacturer
Print inspection system for a major food company
Demand forecasting for production, etc.



・生産の需要予測 等








職務経験 6年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル 日常会話レベル (英語使用比率: 10%程度)
日本語レベル 日常会話レベル
最終学歴 大学卒: 学士号
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可が必要です


▼ Required skills
・ Language: C++ 
・ Development environment: windows10
・ C ++ development experience (Minimum 5 years)
・ Experience in implementing image processing using Opencv
・ Team development experience using Github and Gitlab
・Senior level candidates must have at least 3 years of experience in evaluating image processing algorithms (image processing filters, binarization, edge processing, blobs, pattern matching, etc.) through actual coding rather than using a library such as Open CV.

▼ Welcome skills
・ Deep knowledge about image processing algorithms
・ Knowledge about Visual Studio

▼ The person you want
■ Those who have aspirations, think voluntarily, and like to act with a sense of speed
■ Those who are interested in venture companies
■ Those who can dig deeper into the background of issues, think about fundamental solutions, and execute them autonomously
■ Those who can sympathize with our values (Mission, Vision, Value)


・言語:  C++
・シニアクラスは画像処理アルゴリズム(画像処理フィルター、2値化、エッジ処理、ブロブ、パターンマッチング等の画像処理アルゴリズムを、Open CVなどのライブラリ利用ではなく実際にコーディングして評価した経験が3年以上)

・Visual Studioに関する知識



  • 東京都 23区, 中央区
  • 京葉線、 八丁堀駅


雇用形態 正社員
給与 1000万円 ~ 経験考慮の上、応相談
勤務時間 9:00 – 18:00 (1 hour break incl.)
休日・休暇 Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays Summer & Winter vacation..


会社の種類 中小企業 (従業員300名以下)
外国人の割合 外国人 少数

株式会社 j Career

【Any nationality】 Highly AI algorithm development / ML  の求人情報 | 外資系求人・英語を使う転職・就職ならキャリアクロス



Remembering our Gratitude

For foreigners who chose to come to Japan

We express our gratitude towards international stdents who chose Japan as their destination of studying abroad by founding this company, with the primary purpose of providing international students and foreigners in Japan with the assistance they need to seize their happiness. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the Japanese society as well as the international community. Due to corporate globalization in recent years, some Japanese companies have adopted English as their official language. However, recruiting in Japan is still possesses unique customes thus presents a challenge to foreigners who are not familiar with it. At j Career, we are dedicated to help foreigners in overcoming such difficulties and support their endeavor in attaining a happy life in Japan.

We set up a job searching website called gooojob.jp with the intention to help international students utilize their knowledge and expertise they learned and apply that in their job hunting. We also help people who are working with making a career switch.



j Careerは、留学先として日本を選択した外国人留学生、日本での安住を目指す外国人への感謝の心、深い敬愛の念を起業の動機とし、外国人留学生や在留外国人の皆さんが日本において幸せをつかむための様々なサポートを通し、日本社会のみならず、国際社会への貢献の一助となることを目指しています。近年、グローバル化に対応し社内公用語を英語にする日本企業が増えていますが、就職活動においては依然として日本独特の慣習が根強く残り、外国人留学生や在留外国人にとって日本企業への就職はとても難しい状況といえます。 j Career はこのような状況を打破するべく、愛と感謝と情熱を持って全力で外国人の皆さんをサポートし、日本において幸福な生涯を送れるようバックアップしていきたいと考えております。

j Careerでは、外国人向け求人サイト「gooojob.jp」を開設し、外国人留学生が日本で学んだ知識・技術を生かせるように国内での就職活動を支援したり、既に日本で社会人として仕事をしている外国人のさらなるキャリアアップを目指した転職を支援しています。